How To Choose The Best Community Radio Station Equipment ?


During the pandemic, many countries implemented strict stay-at-home restrictions, no one can go outside freely. It's harder to obtain information than usual. Can you imagine the days without the Internet in the era of pandemics? However, many residents indeed are in such a situation around the world. It is more difficult for them to obtain information outside the community than usual. But with the help of FM radio transmitters, the community radio station allows them to know what is happening outside and what is happening in the community even staying at home. Listening to community radio has become a part of their life.


3 Main Features of A Community Radio Station


Community radio is a non-profit broadcasting service. You can see it in many communities around the world. They will provide some programs ignored by commercial radio stations or with local characteristics. The main features of community radio are:


  • Non-commercial - In most countries, they are non-commercial and public welfare. It is mainly operated by local residents, volunteer organizations, public welfare organizations, etc. Community Radio represents the interests of local residents and helps them express themselves to society.  
  • Small Range - Their broadcasting range is relatively small. Generally, they only broadcast within a radius of a few kilometers, which can just cover a community. Therefore, its audience is the local residents. 
  • Rich Programme - Because community radio is non-commercial, it can broadcast various programs including community life, covering life, economy, society, politics, and so on. They also broadcast music programs with local folk music.


Because the broadcasting range is relatively small, the cost of community broadcasting is low. For the audience, they only need a simple radio to listen to the programs of community radio. Therefore, community radio is a very important channel to obtain information for local residents, especially those indigenous residents or foreign residents.


Best FM Radio TransmittersFor Community Radio Station


In the community radio station, the FM radio transmitter plays the role of transforming the voice of announcers and other broadcasting contents into RF signals and transmitting them through FM antennas. Therefore, it really matters in the operation of the community radio station. The sound transmission quality largely depends on the performance of the FM radio transmitter. When choosing an FM radio transmitter for a community radio station, these elements should be considered:


  • Power of FM broadcast transmitter - since a community is not that large, and cost control is very important for it, the power of an FM broadcast transmitter should not be too high. According to the practical experience of our engineers, the 50W FM transmitter is very fitted with community radio, such as FMT5.0-50H 50w FM radio transmitter and FU-50B 50w FM radio transmitter of FMUSER. A 50W FM transmitter can cover a radius of about 6km and can well cover the whole community.
  • Higher SNR is better - the SNR of the FM transmitter should not be too low, or the residents will hear a lot of noise when listening to the community radio. Generally, its SNR should not be lower than 40dB.
  • Better stereo separation is better - Community radio sometimes plays local folk music. If using an FM stereo transmitter with stereo separation higher than 40dB, residents can hear more pleasant music instead of thin sound.


FM stereo transmitters with such conditions can make community radio provides better services and make local residents feel more fun in life. Community radio has become a part of life for them.


How To Use A 50W FM Transmitter In Community Radio?


To operate a community radio station, the following equipment is required at least:


  • FM broadcast transmitter;
  • FM antenna;
  • RF cables;
  • Mixer;
  • Audio processor;
  • Microphone;
  • Microphone stands;
  • Monitor headphones;
  • Audio cables;
  • Other accessories.


These are the basic equipment required by a community radio station, and the FM radio transmitter is the core equipment among them. It plays the role of converting the audio signal processed by mixer and audio processor into RF signal and transmitting it to all corners of the community through FM antenna. When using a 50W FM broadcast transmitter, note the following points:


Before connecting the power supply, ensure to connect the 50W FM broadcast transmitter and FM antenna with the RF cables, or the FM broadcast transmitter will break down.


  • The FM broadcast transmitter interfaces shall be kept dry and away from water.
  • Make sure that the working frequency of the FM radio transmitter matches that of the FM antenna.
  • Pay attention to lightning protection and waterproof protection.


A community radio station is also a kind of radio station, which requires to work continuously for a long time. Therefore, the notices of FM radio transmitters must be paid attention to.



As one of the best radio station equipment providers, FMUSER can provide these communities with such excellent 50W FM stereo transmitters for community radio stations, such as FMT5.0-50H FM transmitter and FU-50B FM transmitter. They can not only meet the above conditions and transmit audio signals with good quality, but also their price is low enough to effectively reduce the cost of community radio.





How Far Can A 50W Transmitter Transmit ?

There is no fixed answer to this question because the coverage of FM radio transmitters depends on many factors, including the performance of FM antenna, the performance of receivers, surrounding barriers, and so on. Generally, in community radio, a 50W FM transmitter can reach a range of radius of 6km. Click here to learn more


Is Community Broadcasting Legal ?

In most countries in the world, running a community radio is required to apply for licenses from local FM & TV administration, otherwise, it will be fined. At the same time, some countries will limit the range of broadcasting. Therefore, before planning to start a community radio station, please consult in detail about the local regulations on community radio.


How Does Community Radio Maintain Its Operation ?

As community broadcasting is a non-profit organization, it needs to obtain the support of the organization from outside funds to operate continuously. For example, it can cooperate with local health organizations and ask them to put advertisements on community radio. In this way, community radio not only obtains income but also promotes health knowledge to community residents.


Why Is Community Radio Important ?

As the information channels of many communities in the world, community radio plays an important role. This importance is mainly reflected in:


  • Community radio can express on behalf of local resident
  • It can unite the local residents
  • Community radio broadcasts in local language and settles the problem of the language barrier
  • Community broadcasting can improve people's employment
  • Community broadcasting can promote local economic growth



Community radio is a non-profit radio station that serves the community and expresses for residents. Community radio has become an important channel to obtain information and the source of fun in life, but also a platform to express for local residents. Do you want to build your own community radio station? FMUSER can provide you with a complete set of radio broadcasting equipment and solutions with low cost and high quality. Please feel free to contact us.






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