FMUSER FSN-600T 600 Watt FM Broadcast Transmitter for Sale 600 Watts Low Cost FM Radio Station


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As one of the best 600 watt FM transmitters, FMUSER FSN-600T is specially designed for medium-sized radio stations.


With a high-definition touch screen operation interface and CD-quality stereo effect, FMUSER FSN-600T is known for its highly stable and reliable broadcasting performance, which makes FSN-600T much favored by many FM broadcast groups/individuals.


More than that, the FSN-600T 600 watt FM transmitter is now gradually showing its high-quality characteristics to the world, especially in the radio station equipment market. 


1 * FMUSER FSN-600T 600 Watts FM Radio Transmitter

For FMUSER FSN-600T 600 Watt FM Broadcast Transmitter:


RF Part
Frequency 87.5 ~ 108 MHz
Frequency step value 10 kHz
Modulation FM
Peak deviation  ± 75 kHz
Frequency stability <± 100Hz
Frequency stabilization method PLL frequency synthesizer
RF output power 0 ~ 600 watts ± 0.5 dB
Residual wave <- 70 dB
Higher harmonics <- 65 dB
Parasitic AM <- 50 dB
RF output impedance 50 Ω
RF output connector L29 female

Audio Part
Audio input connector XLR female
AUX input connector BNC female
Pre-emphasis 0us, 50us, 75us (user setting)
S/N ratio mono >70 dB (20 to 20 kHz)
S/N ratio stereo >65 dB (20 to 15 kHz)
Stereo resolution - 50 dB
Audio frequency response 30 ~ 15,000 Hz
Audio distortion <0.3%
Audio level gain -12 dB ~ 12 dB step 3 dB
Audio input -19 dB ~ 5 dB

General Part
Default password 000008
Power supply voltage range 110V ~ 260V
Operating temperature range -10 ~ 45 ℃
Work mode  Continuous work
Cooling method  Air cooling
Cooling efficiency <95%
Work Altitude <4500 M
Power consumption 1500 VA
Dimensions (W) 483 x (H) 320 x (D) 88 mm without handles and protrusions
Size 19 "2U standard rack.
Weight 12 kg





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