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Communicate With Trusted Experts To Customize Budget IPTV Solution for Your Hotel

  • Become the Pioneer of The Hotel IPTV Solution

    Become the Pioneer of The Hotel IPTV Solution

    We are one of the industry pioneers of the hardware IPTV streaming media solution. With years of expertise accumulated in IPTV hardware fields, we provide all needed headends equipment, from the IPTV encoder, IPTV transcoder, to the network switch and set-top box. We also ensure that every part of the IPTV streaming system performs great in actual scenes. The high return benefits, low operating costs, and fantastic IPTV user experience are the primary goals of this IPTV system design.

  • Being Ultra Cost-friendly for Hotel Operators

    Being Ultra Cost-friendly for Hotel Operators

    On the basis of ensuring the controllability of all IPTV streaming hardware in the IPTV system, we also actively consider the buying cost you have. Through customized IPTV system products, our IPTV streaming system can adapt application scenarios for different budget IPTV streaming transmission, especially for the small hotel operators who want to achieve multiple IPTV streaming distribution in a hotel at a pretty low cost.

  • Custom Your IPTV Solutions at Any Time and Place

    Custom Your IPTV Solutions at Any Time and Place

    We can customize industry-leading IPTV streaming media solutions for the top hotels such as the four seasons resort lanai. We can also customize IPTV solutions for enterprises, hotel services, hospitals, education, and communication industries, etc. Of course, professional technical guidance and online support are available to help you better customize your IPTV solution.

Redefine Middle-End IPTV Headend Solution For Hotel

We will build and design extremely flexible and highly personalized IPTV streaming audio and video distribution solutions for you according to your actual cost investment and application requirements.

Reduce Equipment Costs

  • You can choose to buy our IPTV solution at a very low cost, or buy traditional IPTV at three or more times the price, but if you do so, you will bear a very expensive equipment cost, this is what you and your customers don't expect. Luckily, our IPTV system can make full use of the existing broadband connection (such as hotel broadband), and our customized IPTV solution has become the first and final choice for many budget hotels because of its low cost and strong performance.

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The Complete System Components

  • We provide you with complete IPTV system components, including hardware IPTV encoder and transcoding equipment, IPTV multi-level network switch, and high-definition set-top box. You only need to determine the source of video playing and the number of video distribution you need and choose what kind of video playing equipment to provide for your customers, AND WE WILL TAKE CARE OF THE REST!

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Diversified Application Scenarios

  • We not only provide a complete hotel's IPTV solution, regardless of the receiving equipment is a desktop, TV, smart TV, smartphone, or tablet, with high flexibility and scalability, our IPTV solutions adapt to a variety of real-time streaming applications, such as enterprises, prisons, cruise ships, staff dormitory, studio and radio, sports venues, entertainment, finance, education, healthcare, etc.

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Improve Your Business Income

  • As a hotel operator, you don't want to see the unfriendly experience brought by the cumbersome system operation to your customers. And this IPTV system is designed to improve the customer service experience. They can get a super friendly IPTV viewing experience without being confused by the crazy laggings of your TV signals, press the start key and the toggle keys are all they need to do. By using our IPTV headend solution, you can also provide more than 30+ programs over 60+ guest rooms, and we're willing to update the server for the increasing rooms for you to help you realize differentiated competition between you and other companies, and get your team out of all sorts of irrelevant low-end complaints and guide your focus on more effective hotel management

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Complete All-in-one Solutions

Most Budget and Complete IPTV Headend Solution for Hotel

FBE200 IPTV Hardware Encoder


  • Power: 110VAC±10%, 50/60Hz; 220VAC±10%, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 146mm(W)x140mm(D)x27mm(H)


  • Video Compression: H.264/H.265 / AVC / High Profile Level 1.5
  • Video Encoding: supports HLS M3U8 FFmpeg VLC

IP Encapsulation output

  • Transport Protocol: TS over IP output, RTSP / HTTP / UDP or RTMP / RTMPS protocol
  • Output: RJ45 Ethernet interface, 100/1000M Full

Most Budget and Complete IPTV Headend Solution for Hotel

FBE300 IPTV Hardware Transcoder

FBE300 IPTV Hardware Transcoder


  • Dimension: Small in size and portable
  • Power Consumption: less than 6W
  • Input Voltage: DC 12V


  • Video Decoding: H.265/H.264, MPEG-II supported
  • Video Coding: H.264 encoding algorithm supported
  • Input protocol: Support RTSP, RTP/UDP multicast, RTP/UDP unicast, HTTP, standard TS stream, RTMP pull stream, HLS (m3u8) protocol, etc.


  • Network Interface: RJ45
  • USB interface: USB3.0 interface

Most Budget and Complete IPTV Headend Solution for Hotel

FMUSER FBE400 IPTV Streaming Magicoder Server

FMUSER FBE400 IPTV Streaming Server


  • Dimension: 170MM*115MM*27MM
  • Weight: 0.6KG
  • Input Voltage: DC 5V 2A


  • Real-time Programs Supported: Up to 30
  • Real-time Players Supported: Up to 60
  • Network Port: 1000Mbps


  • Input/Output Protocol: RTMP
  • Input/Output Resolution: 1920x1080 Resolution Supported

Leading Your Industry with the Best IPTV Streaming Solution

Our IPTV streaming media solution experts will help you design and build your industry-exclusive streaming audio and video distribution system to make sure you get the highest return!


Be the First Choice for Your Multiple IPTV Streaming Solutions

Our IPTV system assures not only a super comfortable IPTV view experience and truly diversified IPTV services for your guests, but also guaranteed stability, reliability, and low delay of the end equipment. We bring your customers the best IPTV view sensation experience through this powerful IPTV streaming media hardware technology and help you with a budget running cost for your IPTV display equipment. 

Kill two birds with one stone!

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