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Radio Station Equipment Manufacturer

FMUSER Broadcast is one of the best FM broadcast transmitters manufacturers for the global radio business and provides radio station operators with radio station equipment for sale for contactless broadcasting services under the COVID-19 epidemic. Some religious broadcast solutions can be widely used in pandemic broadcast services such as drive-through theaters and drive-in church broadcasting.

Live Streaming Equipment Supplier

In addition, FMUSER Broadcast is also a reliable live streaming equipment supplier. The live streaming equipment for sale specially built for IPTV system integrators covers from IPTV hardware encoders to complete IPTV systems, which can be used for a variety of different audio and video transmission application scenarios.

Available Online Support

Factory price, good quality, and high performance are three key factors for FMUSER to gain a foothold in the fiercely competitive markets. FMUSER also provides professional online FAQ, equipment buying guidelines, customized broadcast solutions, and massive free blog resources to help you buy radio station equipment and live streaming equipment of the best quality

We Supply Broadcast Equipment to the World Market!

FMUSER Broadcast is an expert radio station equipment supplier from China. Retail and wholesale radio station equipment business range from passive components to solid-state FM/TV broadcast transmitters. 



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Radio Station Equipment for Sale

Studio transmitter link equipment for security monitoring, video transmission, and other fields. FM broadcast transmitters kits for FM radio stations from 0.1W to 10kW+. Digital and analog UHF/VHF TV transmitters kits for TV Broadcast stations. FM/UHF/VHF Broadcast Antenna (including antennas and RF test tools) for improving RF signal reception and transmission. High power RF filter and RF combiner include Starpoint combiner and branched combiners for the radio station.

Complete Radio Station Package for Sale

All-in-one solution includes FM broadcast transmitter, FM broadcast antenna, RF coaxial cable, RF connector, audio processor, multi-channel mixer, microphone and bracket, BOP cover speakers, headphones, etc.

Live Streaming Equipment for Sale and IPTV Solution

Up to 16 channels IPTV hardware encoders and transcoders  (1 channel and 4 channels are optional) and other IPTV headend equipment used for live streaming, distance online education, distance learning, remote online meetings, etc. Complete IPTV solution for hotels, restaurants, hospitality, hospital, etc.

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Operation management and maintenance support, including product quick order and product after-sales service, include Product return and replacement, product maintenance technical support, and product warranty.

FMUSER: A Reliable Supplier Who Focuses More on Quality Instead of Price

FMUSER Broadcast focuses on manufacturing RF equipment and RF components with high performance and low cost. We provide all necessary audio and video transmission equipment for the most popular government and private radio stations, transmission sites, and radio studios around the world, and unique customized broadcast solutions and on-site installation services are available.


Thanks to our manufacturing factories, our independent R & D capacity and equipment production capacity are unique. We have an ultra-low purchase cost than many local radio station equipment manufacturers and radio transmission system integrators.


You can buy twice or more high-end broadcasting equipment at the same price from FMUSER Broadcast. Thanks to our expert tech team and sales team, thousands of global customers have obtained exclusive complete solutions, including the best RF hardware equipment from turnkey studio to transmission site, high-end broadcast transmitter to studio link equipment, without exception, low-cost and high performance as always.


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OEM Service

Resources Created Only for the Best User Experience

Audio and Video Broadcasting Transmission Solutions
Audio and Video Broadcasting Transmission Solutions

Dozens of customized solutions for both live streaming and radio broadcasting with low cost and high quality, disigned only for the best user experience

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FM/TV Broadcasting Technology
FM/TV Broadcasting Technology

On-sale radio staton equipment with the latest broadcasting technology optimize the equipent combination and the buying cost for the radio operators around the world.

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Most Competitive Prices
Most Competitive Prices

Unlimited free resources such as perfect after-sales support and complete buying guidance are provided in order to build a better understanding of FMUSER for every radio expert or amateur.

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Technical Support
Technical Support

Thanks to our expert blog team, millions of billions of interesting and practical exclusive technical blogs and the latest news in the broadcasting industry will be expected to help you solve "What, Why, How and Where"

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Our one-stop audio and video broadcasting transmission solutions and service are recognized worldwide. So far, we have customized more than thousands of radio broadcasting solutions and live streaming solutions, and successfully established long-term partnerships with individuals and radio station integrators from more than 200 countries and regions. If you need any radio station equipment for sale, please make sure to contact us, WE ARE ALL EARS. Committed to perfect audio and video broadcasting transmission solutions for any broadcast scenarios, we are FMUSER Broadcast.

We Ensure Every Detail

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