• Check and Inspect the Product

    After receiving the customer's order, we will go to the factory to check the assembly of the products, especially for the products produced in batch. We will personally check and inspect the products, including the main board, case, panel, color box, etc.

  • Test the Start-up of the Product

    After repeatedly checking and confirming that there are no omissions and errors in the core components of the product, we will send the supervision team and the production director of the factory to jointly test the start-up of the product. Including whether it can be turned on normally? Will there be noise when the machine is started? Is the machine cooling fan working properly? Whether the frequency audio button can be used or not, and real-time record data to ensure the quality of the products The 72-hour ex-factory aging test of the assembled-up products will also be initialed to check if any aging problems happen on the end products with normal environmental conditions.

  • High-precision Equipment

    The test instruments we use are all high-precision equipment, whose functions include VSWR Test, voltage test, output power test, working mode test, weight test, etc.

  • Pack the Goods

    After the sampling test, our factory will pack the goods carefully with pearl cotton, corrugated box, and sealing belt to ensure that the goods will not be affected by the impact, moisture, and high temperature during transportation.

  • Make an Appointment for the Fastest Logistics Pick-up

    After checking the number of products and the buyer's address, we will make an appointment for the fastest logistics pick-up.

  • Best Quality

    In terms of product quality, we assure you of the best quality of our broadcast equipment. Before packaging the products up, usually, there are three main steps of producing the products, which are first, welding components. It is one of the most important steps of the process, so we will attach great importance to every small step of it. The next step after welding components is to assemble the finished boards with chassis and be waiting to be tested to see if the audio is performing great. The last step is to do the ex-factory aging test of the assembled-up products to check if any aging problems happen on the end products with normal environmental conditions.






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