FMUSER Hospitality IPTV Solution Complete Hotel IPTV System with IPTV Hardware and Management System


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How to increase your hotel's revenue? First, you need a couple of staff, then you need a build up a complete hotel IPTV system to manage the trivial affairs in your hotel daily...but it ain't that EASY!


On this page, you will learn how to build up a complete hotel IPTV system with FMUSER's hotel IPTV solution, and earn your hotel a higher revenue by 300%, including how to build a hotel IPTV system with FMUSER's IPTV solution, what is a hotel IPTV solution and why it is important, the IPTV hardware equipment list, why choose FMUSER's hotel IPTV system, how to use FMUSER's IPTV hotel system, and how does the IPTV system work, etc.


If you're getting worried about how to increase your hotel's revenue all the time, a professional hotel IPTV system will help a lot, I mean, with the help of the best IPTV system for a hotel you can ever find. If you are the hotel boss or an IT engineer who works for the hotel, or an outsourced IT services supplier, this will be the best hotel IPTV system for you. 




1. Multilingual User Manuals: 



Solution Explained for Technicians


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FMUSER Hospitality IPTV Solution Complete Hotel IPTV System with IPTV Hardware and Management System FMUSER DTV4339S-B 8/16/24 Channels HDMI IPTV Encoder (Upgraded OSD+IP Protocol) FMUSER DTV4335V 4/8/12 Channels SDI IPTV Encoder
IPTV Headend Equipment HDMI Encoders SDI Encoders
FMUSER DTV-4405C 16/24 Channels IP QAM RF Modulator for CATV FMUSER 24-Way DVB-S2/T2 FTA IRD Integrated Receiver Decoder 8/16 HDMI & 8/16 DVB-S/S2 to 8 DVB-T Encoder Modulator
Digital TV Modulators Integrated Receiver/Decoder DTV Encoder Modulator

What is Hotel IPTV System and Why it is Important?


In the past, cable television was favored by some small hotels due to less guest demand, lower equipment costs, and free program sources. But in today's increasingly demanding stay experience requirements, just watching TV can no longer meet the entertainment needs of the vast majority of hotel guests.


Different from the cable TV system, the IPTV system has introduced a more advanced interactive system, which can meet the various needs of hotel guests during their stay through a variety of interactive functions, such as online meal ordering, video-on-demand, and even online check-out.



An IPTV system is actually an integrated content management system that can integrate all these entertainment functions, for example, being able to watch TV as well as big-name content platforms such as YouTube and Netflix, and of course, to order services online such as online meals and VOD!


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Today, the IPTV system has been regarded as the standard facility of hotel rooms, which will undoubtedly promote the hotel to speed up the process of upgrading to the hotel IPTV system.


FMUSER hotel IPTV solutions


In addition, professional hotel IPTV systems are often used in application scenarios other than hotels due to their superior scalabilities, IPTV systems can be used in various typical scenarios, including but not limited to: accommodation (hotel TVs, boutique hotels, resorts, apartments, etc.), maritime (freight, cruise ships, etc.) and Healthcare (hospitals, etc.) to education industry (dormitories, etc.).


You may also find IPTV system useful in the following scenarios:


  1. Hotels: IPTV systems can provide various content to guest rooms, such as live TV broadcasts, movie on-demand, and information alerts. IPTV can also be integrated with other computer control systems within the hotel, such as energy management and room status management systems.
  2. Hospitals: IPTV systems can provide educational videos, medical information, and entertainment programs to nursing stations and patient beds. IPTV can also be used in operating rooms, diagnostic rooms, and training centers.
  3. Prisons: IPTV systems can provide various content, including persuasive information, calendar and event reminders, and digital video recording (surveillance).
  4. Education: Educational institutions can use IPTV systems to provide teaching materials to students, such as live or on-demand open classes, campus events, and multimedia works created by students.
  5. Public Transportation: Public transportation systems can use IPTV systems to provide passengers with real-time announcements, weather forecasts, news reports, and on-demand entertainment programs.
  6. Enterprises: IPTV systems can provide internal training and communication channels for enterprises, enhancing cooperation between them.
  7. Government Agencies: Government agencies can use IPTV systems to directly disseminate important information to the public, such as press conferences, announcements, and emergency event alerts.
  8. Sports Venues: Sports venues can use IPTV systems to provide fans with live broadcasts, replays, and predictive analysis of various services. This can increase the entertainment value, stickiness and provide additional revenue sources.
  9. Film Companies: Film companies can use IPTV systems to provide high-quality video content to customers (such as cable and satellite TV operators) and sell their works online worldwide.
  10. Media: Media companies can use IPTV systems to provide TV viewers with current news, analysis, comments, and other program content.
  11. Music Venues: Music venues can use IPTV systems to transmit live audio, video, and more. The IPTV platform can also play music interviews before and after the concert, introduce their history and songwriting process, and increase audience participation.
  12. Restaurants/Coffee Shops: Restaurants and coffee shops can use IPTV systems to provide guests with various cooking displays, slow cooking, gourmet dishes, and more, but they need to be careful not to affect other guests' dining experiences.
  13. Tour Guides: Tour guides can use IPTV systems to show visitors video content related to cultural relics or scenic spots and provide interactive commentary, making guidance more convenient.
  14. Private Residence: IPTV can be configured in private residence systems to provide live TV broadcasts, movie on-demand, video calls, security monitoring services, etc. to residents.


Why Hotel IPTV System Is Urgently Needed Today in Most Hotels?


Usually, wise hoteliers will pay more attention to the hotel guests themselves, so they will often introduce some good hotel services to prolong the guest's stay and enhance the stay experience. 


An IPTV system helps deliver hotel service in front of guests and provides extra comfort and satisfaction to guests, with just a few clicks of the remote, guests can continue their own business and wait for your services for the rest of the time.


Your guests are BUSY LIVING! No one would like to go out of the hotel and take their lunch, breakfast, or dinner after a hard day...and this is your time to increase your hotel's revenue.


FMUSER hotel IPTV solution online food ordering section


The hotel IPTV system is not only beneficial to increase hotel revenue, but more importantly, it can improve the reputation of your hotel. 


Some professional hotel IPTV system providers, such as FMUSER, will Add a "Nearby" section in their hotel IPTV system, which allows hoteliers to promote services, events, and other tourist attractions nearby, in addition to helping both parties profit from it.


FMUSER hotel IPTV solution nearby services section


In return, you'll receive steady guest traffic from nearby businesses - as long as you negotiate with those businesses well in advance, and settle down issues such as consultant fees and responsibilities, and BINGO! It will greatly enhance the reputation of your hotel.


It is not difficult to see that upgrading their existing TV system to a hotel IPTV system has become or is the consensus of all savvy hoteliers, but it is very rare to find a provider that provides a comprehensive and cost-effective solution, especially from front-end servers to IPTV Android Box. , from CMS systems to interactive information applications, such suppliers are very scarce.


FMUSER will be your ideal partner to provide a comprehensive and cost-effective hotel IPTV system upgrade. We provide a variety of high-quality IPTV hardware including integrated receiver/decoder (IRD), HDMI hardware encoder, and IPTV gateway. You can customize the number and standard according to the needs of the hotel.


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 FBE800 hardware IPTV sever IPTV gateway


At the same time, we also provide two sets of background management systems, including a management system for content sources and a content management system for customizing your hotel services.


FMUSER hotel IPTV solution content distribution management system


FMUSER hotel IPTV solution content source management system


Contact FMUSER's engineer team today and submit your hotel's demand information, such as the number of rooms, budget, and other demand information, we will tailor a complete set of high-performance hotel IPTV system for your hotel according to your actual needs and budget.


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IPTV Architecture: The Minimum Hotel IPTV System Equipment List


A few days ago, a customer from the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is also known as DRC, asked us if we can provide a complete hotel IPTV system for a local hotel that has 75 rooms.


Anyway, our engineers immediately formulated a turnkey hotel IPTV system that met the customer's budget and submitted the production requirements to our factory.


The Main Equipment of FMUSER Hotel IPTV System 


And here are the least IPTV system equipment for a hotel:


  1. A unit of FBE304 8-way IRD
  2. A unit of FBE208 4-way HDMI hardware encoder
  3. A unit of FBE800 IPTV server that allows 40 IP inputs
  4. 3 units of a network switch with 24 IP inputs
  5. 75 units of set-top boxes
  6. Cables and accessories


FMUSER FBE208 8-way hardware HDMI encoder fmuser-fbe304-ird-hardware-satellite-receiver.jpg


Auxiliary Equipment of FMUSER Hotel IPTV System 


However, besides the devices included in our solution, you will need to prepare auxiliaries that can be purchased locally, which are:


  1. Ethernet cables for the engineering room to the guest's rooms
  2. Stable power supply
  3. Televisions for guests' room
  4. RF cable for satellite dish
  5. Few units of the satellite dish
  6. Any devices with HDMI output


Since these devices are relatively basic, they are not included in our hotel IPTV system solutions for the time being, but they are also necessary. 


FMUSER hotel IPTV system auxiliary equipment


And if you or your engineers are having trouble finding these devices, you may reach out to us for help! Talk to our engineers online, ask for a quotation via WhatsApp, or just give us a call, we are always listening!


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Why Choose FMUSER's Hotel IPTV System Over Others?


As one of the largest hotel IPTV system integrators in China, FMUSER manufactures and provides hotel IPTV systems suitable for hotels of all sizes, and provides various hardware solutions including IRDs, hardware encoders, and IPTV servers.


FMUSER HOTEL IPTV solution system topology


Customize Your Own Hotel IPTV System from Our Solution 


The main reason why our hotel IPTV system is recommended by many hotel operators and IT engineers is that you can customize the quantity and standard of almost every device in this hotel IPTV system.


For example, if you wish to cover more rooms with IPTV, you may order more set-top boxes, and if you have different signals input such as homebrew program signals or TV satellite signals, you may order hardware encoders or IRDs for your system.


Our team of engineers is able to formulate the most suitable hotel IPTV system for your hotel based on your actual needs


All in all, this means that you no longer need to buy separate devices from different suppliers to assemble your hotel IPTV system, FMUSER will provide you with a complete hotel IPTV system solution from head to toe.


Anyway, if you're an IT engineer who works for a hotel, you should know how these devices work and how to properly connect each when wiring, which means you should be as professional as Jimmy


And if you are not a professional, check this video on the FMUSER hotel IPTV system FAQ, it will help a lot!



Of course, some devices will be installed on racks in your hotel's equipment room, such as IRDs, hardware encoders, and IPTV servers, others will be in the guest's room for interaction, for example, set-top boxes and TVs!


What's more, to avoid you getting complaints from the guests, always double-check the connection and make sure the ethernet cable is well connected to the port.


FMUSER IPTV server hardware wiring


As for the management system, our engineer will set up almost everything in advance based on the information you provide before shipping, your engineer will only need to take care of the assembly part in your hotel.


Once the system is set up correctly with designated content uploading, you're able to observe how would the hotel guests interact with your IPTV system, for example, equipment rental, take-out ordering, room services ordering, etc. 


And the rest it's all your job!


How to Use a Professional Hotel IPTV System in Your Hotel?


So, how to properly operate this system? I mean, how to use this hotel IPTV system in your hotel for a higher turnover?


Hotel IPTV System Functions: Say Hi to Your Guests with Custom Content via the "Boot" Interface


Once your guest power on the IPTV system in the guest rooms, they will see a boot interface. Well, the boot interface allows you to customize welcome words, backgrounds, and scrolling subtitles. You can easily customize your guests' names and designate their names on the content management system of your hotel IPTV system. 




You can also customize any videos or images about your hotel in the background, and once the guests turn on the TV, the first view they will see besides the welcome words is your hotel's promotional video or image. Well, for me, I would suggest a video, because it is much more shocking than images!


Also, this hotel IPTV system allows scrolling subtitles to be displayed automatically in the "boot" interface




For example, if you would like to inform the guests that there is a SPA room or canteen open for the guests, you can use the scrolling subtitles like "SPA room on the 3rd floor is now open with buffet and beverage at 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.", or, you can also inform the guest that the swimming pool on the 8th floor will be open at 2 p.m.


The "Boot Interface" section helps gain the trust of your guests, and that's important to the popularity of your hotel.


Hotel IPTV System Functions: Connect Your Services with the Guests in the "Main Menu" Interface


After choosing the default language, another interface will be displayed as follows, we can see that this is the hotel logo, room number, background images, Wifi information, date information, and a menu bar below.


FMUSER hotel IPTV solution main menu interface


Well, they are all customizable, from the hotel logo, room number, Wifi account, date info, menu icon, and names to the background images, well, you can also upload a video instead.


And the menu bar is the most important part of this interface, it consists of 6 important sections that can help increase your hotel turnover.


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Hotel IPTV System FunctionsWatching Live TV, HDMI, and Customized Programs and Switch as Wills in the "Live Pro" Interface


“Live pro” allows live programs of various inputs from multi-format live programs, such as HDMI programs, homebrew programs, and satellite TV programs. Please note that the scrolling subtitles are allowed to will be displayed automatically throughout the menu of the IPTV system


FMUSER hotel IPTV solution the Live Pro TV program section


Additionally, scrolling subtitles and forced-in streams are also supported. This means that you can advertise to your guests while they are using the IPTV system at a specific time.


Well, you may also In-stream your advertisement via forced-in stream videos, and show your customers that you have a canteen inside the hotel or a swimming pool on the 2nd floor.


Anyway, scrolling subtitles and the forced-in stream are vital to your hotel's marketing and you can earn more money through these two important functions of our hotel IPTV system.


Hotel IPTV System FunctionsBring Your Guests a Full Introduction to Your Hotel from Head to Toe in the "Hotel" Interface


The “Hotel” function allows you to advertise your hotel and let different guests know where they can take a rest in your hotel. 


FMUSER hotel IPTV solution the hotel information section


You may ask your engineers to upload images and information in detail about each specific room or place for hotel publicity


For example, you can tell the VIP room guests that there are six rooms for the Parent-child area on the 2nd floor, what are the opening hours, what are the infrastructures inside, etc.


Or, you can tell all the business room guests via this section that the Rooftop Bar is now open, and if you would like for socializing, we have prepared food and drinks at 10 p.m.


Well, for an extrovert, that would be such great news! And it can also help you advertise your hotel and stimulate people to spend more money inside your hotel.


Hotel IPTV System Functions: Increasing Your Hotel Turnover by Online Food and Drinks Ordering In the "Food" Interface


The “Food” function allows the guests to order food and drinks online by using a TV remote. This section contains a few food classifications such as local food, barbecue, etc. You can customize them according to your hotel's food services. What is also customizable are the food images, prices, and order quantity. Well, a high-quality food image decides whether the guests order it or not. You can also lower the food price or set up a food combination of red wine and steak at 60USD to increase the turnover.


FMUSER hotel IPTV solution online food ordering section


Between the classification, your customer can check what they have ordered now and what's been ordered a few hours ago in the "My order" and "History Order" parts. The guests will only need to press the "OK" button to select a specific quantity and submit the order. The order will then be sent to the IPTV management system which is monitored by the receptionists, after confirming the order, the food will be produced and delivered to the designated room. After the food or drink is sent, please always remember to press "finish" in the management system to complete the order.


The "Food" section is one of the best sections in our system that can directly help you earn more money. You will need to upload the food images, price and classifications so that your guests are able to order them.


Hotel IPTV System Functions: Offering Your Hotel Services Online and Respond in Real-time In the "Service" Interface 


The “Service” function allows you to customize hotel services for the guests.


FMUSER hotel IPTV solution the hotel services online ordering section


It consists of the following services, which are: Housekeeper service, borrow service, taxi service, wake-up service, query service, and check-out service.


And here is how it works, once the guest order any services in this section, the orders will be notified in the management system to the receptionist, and you may react to the order right away. And it all happens in this section.


Well, our engineer will bring you details later, please keep exploring for more!


Hotel IPTV System Functions: Developing Hotel Traffic Potential by Cooperating with Businesses Around in the "Scenery" Interface


The “Scenery” function allows a customized introduction to scenic spots around your hotel.


FMUSER hotel IPTV solution nearby services section


To tell you the truth, this may be another best opportunity to increase the turnover and the popularity of the hotel. You may cooperate with the businesses around your hotel, for example, carnivals, sports center, and scenic area. By uploading their information and earn for a consultant fee, and vice versa, the business may guide more guests to your hotel for accommodation after the guests have fun all day long.


It is an efficient way to more turnover and higher popularity.


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Hotel IPTV System Functions: Increasing Hotel's Revenue By Video-on-Demand from Designated Guests in the "VOD" Interface


And the “VOD” function allows you to customize video-on-demand and its classifications. You can upload hotel promotional videos in the Vod section to manage the content of the hotel lobby screen. This helps enhance the guest's trust in your hotel. You can also upload any free or paid videos to the specific rooms at a specific time period.


FMUSER hotel IPTV solution the VOD video on demand section


For example, for VIP guests, I would suggest high-quality paid videos since they have a much more accommodation budget than the guests who ordered standard rooms, accordingly, for a standard room guest, I would suggest some classic movies that are charge-free.


Meanwhile, you can also set a few pieces of paid videos for testing, and see whether the standard room guest would pay for them.


VOD is also a unified way for more turnover potential.


As you can see, this is a powerful hotel IPTV system focusing on high user interaction, which allows you to advertise your hotel via multimedia, including videos, pictures, rolling captions, etc., this means that if you're running a hotel with our IPTV system, your guests can enjoy their best time at your hotel.


And if they're here next time with their friends, your hotel will possibly be their first choice for accommodation.


Combing with a content management system, our solutions allow you to interact with users according to the actual situation of your hotel. You can provide hotel residents with multi-channel high-definition IPTV, ordering services, and recommendations for eating, drinking, and entertainment nearby, which is conducive to improving your hotel's turnover.


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How Does a Hotel IPTV System Work?


In the following content, you will learn how a hotel IPTV system works, including content sources, IPTV distribution, and relevant IPTV hardware. So basically, during the signals transmission of the IPTV system, there will be 3 main steps, which are content source inputting, content sources processing, and contents distribution. The transmission equipment varies due to different signals input.


Step #1: IPTV Content Sources Inputting


In the first stage, there will be 3 kinds of input signals transmitted to the hotel IPTV system, including satellite TV signals, homebrew program signals, and IP internet program signals.


  • Satellite TV signals are usually transmitted by TV satellite and received by satellite dish.
  • Homebrew program signals are usually processed into different output forms by the buyers themself, for example, MP3/SDI/HDMI, etc.
  • IP internet program signals are usually from other IP addresses such as YouTube, so the content is neither made by the buyers nor from the TV satellite.


Step #2: IPTV Content Sources Processing


In the second step, three types of input signals will be processed by the hotel IPTV system according to their forms.


Satellite TV signals Processing


As for Satellite TV signals, since it is in RF form, we need an IP form instead, so we will need an IRD.


IRD is abbreviated for Integrated Receiver/Decoders in the IPTV area. It is used to transform the input RF signals into output IP signals to the ITPV server.


According to Wikipedia, an IRD is an electronic device used to pick up a radio-frequency signal and convert digital information transmitted in it.


An IRD usually has a card slot for paid Satellite TV signals card insertion, you'll have to order program-authorized cards from satellite TV program suppliers, and one box usually stands for multiple channels.


However, IRD is actually for professional hotel IPTV systems, if you're looking for a cheaper solution, well, a set-top box satellite receiver will be the best IRD alternative. 


A set-top box satellite receiver is used to transfer input RF signals from the Satellite TV into output HDMI signals and then processed into IP signals by HDMI hardware encoder. 


The set-top box satellite receiver is totally license-free, no authorized card is needed, and usually, one box stands for 1 channel.


By using a set-top box satellite receiver, you don't need to pay for TV program authorization anymore, all you need to pay is the device buying costs and yearly or monthly program renting fee.


Homebrew Program Signals Processing


As for Homebrew program signals, since the signals are in many different forms, you'll then need a hardware encoder. For example, if it was HDMI signals output, then an HDMI hardware encoder is needed to transform the HDMI input into IP output to the IPTV server.


IP Signals Processing


As for IP internet program signals, since the signals are in form of IP, so you don't need an IRD, STB, or encoder in normal cases, the IP output signals will be transferred directly into the IPTV server.


However, this solution is limited to the case where the streaming address of the program source does not change at all, otherwise, the server cannot obtain the program source after the program source is changed. 


And the alternative solution is to add up an IP internet set-top box for IP to HDMI transformation and an HDMI encoder for HDMI to IP transformation. The IP signals will then be transferred to the IPTV server.


Stability will be very good due to the use of STB with an authorized Internet program set-top box


Step #3: IPTV Distribution


In the last stage, IP signals processed by the IPTV server will be transferred into the IP network converter and finally runs into the set-top box and television in your guest's room, this process works the same for all solutions mentioned above.


To draw a conclusion, here is how FMUSER IPTV systems work:


For Satellite TV Content Sources


  1. Pro solution with IRD: Satellite TV signals (RF) >> Network dish (RF) >> Professional Satellite Receiver IRD (RF to IP) >> IPTV Server >> Network Switch >> Set-Top Box >> TV
  2. Cheaper solution with STB: Satellite TV signals (RF) >> Satellite Antenna (RF) >> STB Satellite Receiver (RF to HDMI) >> HDMI Encoder (HDMI to IP) >> IPTV Server >> Network Switch >> STB >> TV
  3. For Homebrew program signals: Homemade program signals (e.g. HDMI output) >> HDMI encoder(HDMI to IP) >> IPTV server >> network switch >> STB >> TV


For Homebrew Content Sources


  1. Cheaper but unsteady solution: Internet program (IP) >> IPTV server (regular processing of IP signals) >> network switch >> set-top box >> TV
  2. Pro solution with authorized program signals: IP program signals >> IP set-top box STB (IP to HDMI) >> HDMI encoder (HDMI to IP) >> IPTV server >> Network Switch >> STB >> TV


The Ultimate Hotel IPTV System FAQ List


The following content contains 2 different FAQ lists, one for the hotel manager and hotel boss, mainly focusing on system basics, while another list is for hotel engineers, which focuses on IPTV system expertise.


Let's begin with the Hotel IPTV system basics, and there are the 7 questions that are mostly asked by the hotel managers and bosses, which is: 


FAQ List for Hoteliers


  1. What's the price for this hotel IPTV system?
  2. What are the main advantages of your hotel IPTV system?
  3. How can I apply this hotel IPTV system besides the hotel?
  4. Why should I choose the FMUSER hotel IPTV system over cable television?
  5. How can I advertise via your IPTV system to my hotel guests?
  6. Can I display the name of my hotel guest via this IPTV system?
  7. Do I need to employ an engineer to operate your hotel IPTV system?


Q1: What's the price for this hotel IPTV system?


The price of our IPTV system for hotels varies from $4,000 to $20,000. It depends on the number of hotel rooms, program sources, and other requirements. Our engineers will upgrade the IPTV hardware equipment based on your ultimate needs.


Q2: What are the main advantages of your hotel IPTV system?


  1. To begin with, FMUSER's hotel IPTV system is a turnkey solution that is Low cost with half the price as any of our competitors and performs well even under constant working 24/7.
  2. What's more, this is also an advanced IPTV integration system with a ready-steady hardware design that enables the best watching experience for your guests during their rest time.
  3. Additionally, this system efficient accommodation management system for hotels, including room check-in/out, meal ordering, items renting, etc.
  4. Meanwhile, it is a complete hotel advertising system that allows multi-media advertisements such as video, text, and pictures according to your actual needs.
  5. As a highly integrated UI framework, this system can also seamlessly lead your guests to the designated merchants around your hotel and helps increase your turnover.
  6. Last but not least, it is a hotel IPTV system with strong scalability and allows various signals input such as UHF, satellite TV, HDMI, etc.)


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Q3: How can I apply this hotel IPTV system besides the hotel?


That's a good question! This hotel IPTV system is actually designed for the needs of IPTV services in multiple accommodation rooms, including hospitality, motels, communities, youth hostels, large cruise ships, prisons, hospitals, etc.


Q4: Why should I choose the FMUSER hotel IPTV system over cable television?


As I mentioned earlier, this hotel IPTV system is a highly integrated solution that enables multiple one-click functions for the hotel IPTV room services, for example, the welcome home page, menu, VOD, take-out ordering, and other functions. By visiting the content that is uploaded by your engineers in advance, your guests will be much more pleasured during their accommodation, this helps improve your turnover. However, cable TV could never do that since it is not a highly interactive system as an IPTV system, it brings TV programs ONLY.


Q5: How can I advertise via your IPTV system to my hotel guests?


Well, you may ask your engineers to put different advertisements for designated guests who ordered a VIP room or a standard room. For example, you can upload the advertisement text and display them in a loop to the guests while they are watching TV programs. For the VIP guests, the advertisement may be like "Spa service and golf are now opened for VIP guests on the 3rd floor, please order a ticket ahead". For the standard rooms, the advertisement may be like "Buffet dinner and beer are opened on the 2nd floor before 9 P.M., please order a ticket ahead". You may also set up multiple ad text messages for surrounding businesses and improve the buying potential.


It's all about increasing turnover for hotels, isn't it?


Q6: Can I display the name of my hotel guest via this IPTV system?


Yes, that's for sure. You can ask your hotel engineers to upload the relative content in the system management background. Your guests will see his/her name automatically displayed on the TV screen in form of a salutation once the IPTV is powered on. It will be like "Mr. Wick, Welcome to Ray Chan's hotel"


Q7: Do I need to employ an engineer to operate your hotel IPTV system?


You'll need to work with our system engineers during the initial setting for the equipment. And once we're done with the setting, the system will automatically operate 24/7. No need for routine maintenance. Anyone who knows how to operate a computer is enough to operate this IPTV system himself.


So, this is the list of 7 frequently asked questions on IPTV system basics. And the following content is the list of FAQs on hotel IPTV system expertise, if you were a system engineer who works for a hotel, this FAQ list will help you a lot.


FAQ List for Hotel IPTV Engineers


I guess we have run over the Hotel IPTV system basics, and here are 7 frequently asked questions by hotel engineers, and they are:


  1. Can I use your system if my hotel is using a smart TV?
  2. What is the basic hotel IPTV system equipment in this case?
  3. How can I modify the equipment settings of your hotel IPTV system?
  4. Is there anything I need to pay attention to while wiring the system?
  5. Any suggestions for the IPTV system transmission room maintenance?
  6. How does your IPTV system work?
  7. What do I need to prepare before placing an order for your hotel IPTV system?


Q1: Can I use your system if my hotel is using a smart TV?


Of course, you can, but please make sure to install the Android APK we provided in your set-top boxes ahead. A Smart TV usually comes with a set-top box by default that has no IPTV APK inside, our IPTV server provides APK though. Some smart TVs use WebOS and alike operating systems. If this type of TV cannot install APK, it is recommended to use FMUSER's set-top box instead.


Q2: What is the basic hotel IPTV system equipment in this case?


In our last video on the professional hotel IPTV system, our engineers recommended the following basic equipment for a DRC local hotel with 75 rooms:


  • 1 * 4-way Integrated Receiver/Decoder (IRD).
  • 1* 8-way HDMI Encoder.
  • 1* FMUSER FBE800 IPTV server.
  • 3 * Network switch
  • 75 * FMUSER Hotel IPTV Set-top Boxes (AKA: STB).


What's more, for add-ons that are temperately NOT included in our solutions, here is what our engineers recommended:


Paid program receiving authorization card for IRD

Set-top boxes with different programs input and standards (e.g. HDMI satellite, local UHF, Youtube, Netflix, Amazon firebox, etc.)

100M/1000M Ethernet cables (please lay them properly in advance for each of your hotel rooms that needs IPTV services).


By the way, we're able to customize a whole hotel IPTV system with basic equipment and add-ons at the best price and quality for you. 


Ask for a quotation today and our IPTV system engineers will get to you ASAP.


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Q3: How can I modify the equipment settings of your hotel IPTV system?


An online user manual is included in the IPTV system equipment package, please read them carefully and personalize the settings as your will. Our engineers are always listening if you have any questions.


Q4: Is there anything I need to pay attention to while wiring the system?


Yes, and here are 4 things you should know before and after the system wiring, which is:


To start with, for your proper on-site wiring, all the hotel IPTV system equipment will be tested and affixed with the relevant labels (1 on 1) before delivery.


During on-site wiring, please make sure each input port of the system equipment is matched with the designated input Ethernet cables


What's more, always double-check the connection between the Ethernet cable and the input ports, and make sure they are stable enough and not loose because the equipment on-working light will flash still even with a loose Ethernet cable connection.


Finally, please make sure you choose a good quality Cat6 Ethernet patch cable at a high transmission speed of up to 1000 Mbps.


Q5: Any suggestions for the IPTV system transmission room maintenance?


Sure we have. Except for the basic maintenance that every hotel engineer should follow, such as correct wiring and keeping the room dust-free and clean, our IPTV system engineer also recommended that the working temperature should be less than 40 Celsius while the humidity should be less than 90% relative humidity (non-condensing), and the power supply should remain stable between 110V-220V. And most importantly, make sure the room is engineer-only, and avoid the animals such as mice, snakes, and cockroaches from entering the room


Q6: How does your IPTV system work?


Well, it depends on how you input the signals. 


For example, if the input signals are from the TV satellite, they will be transformed from RF into IP signals, and finally gets into the set-top boxes in the guests' rooms. 


If you're interested in this topic, welcome to pay a visit to our video demo on what is a hotel IPTV system and how it works. 


Q7: What do I need to prepare before placing an order for your hotel IPTV system?


Well, before you reach out to our engineers via the links and phone number in the video description, you may need to figure out what you need exactly, for example:


  1. How do you receive the signals? Is it a TV satellite program or a homebrew program? How many channels of signal inputs are there?
  2. What is the name and location of your hotel? How many rooms do you need to cover for IPTV services?
  3. What devices do you currently have and what problems do you hope to solve?


Although our engineers will discuss these topics with you in WhatsApp or by phone, however, it would save time for both of us if you figure out the questions listed before reaching out to us.


To Sum It Up


In today's post, we learn how to build a hotel IPTV system with FMUSER's IPTV solution, including what is a hotel IPTV solution and why it is important, the IPTV hardware equipment list, why choose FMUSER's hotel IPTV system, how to use FMUSER's IPTV hotel system, how does the IPTV system work, etc.


What's more, we will have a complete user manual and online support to help you make better use of this system, you're also welcome to ask for a demo!


Since 2010, FMUSER's hotel IPTV system solutions have been successfully deployed and served hundreds of large, medium, and small-sized hotels around the world.


FMUSER's hotel IPTV system is also one of the best IPTV solutions you can ever find.


So this is the end of this post, if you are interested in our hotel IPTV system or have any questions about it, you are always welcome to contact us for more details, our engineers are always listening!


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