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Why Choose FMUSER

Worldwide Design and Supply

FMUSER supplies complete broadcast equipment packages and complete solutions to radio stations around the world, which cover all types of audio and video transmission equipment for sale - Learn More.

Competitive Factory Price

The first-class manufacturing factory we own guarantees our broadcast equipment of high quality and budget prices for every single radio station. Thus, if you are looking for the best radio station equipment supplier or need the latest information about complete solutions for the radio station, please contact us.

Customized Solutions

we have a strong technical and sales team, which can provide you with a full range of customized solutions for radio broadcast and IPTV live streaming from head to toe. We have everything you want, from a transmitter package, and complete antenna system to live streaming equipment, etc - Click to Visit.

Company Strength

Solely Competitive

With decades of broadcast equipment manufacturing and marketing experience, FMUSER BROADCAST can ensure the FM transmitter wholesaler or radio station equipment buyer the broadcast products of the most competitive price and superior quality.

Highly Efficient

30+, 3K+, 30K+, 300K+ pieces, and even more monthly wholesaling and retailing orders won't be a problem for FMUSER BROADCAST. Thanks to our factory and mature sales network, you may find FMUSER from all over the shopping platforms - Amazon, Ali Express, Alibaba, eBay, etc. 

Quality Assured

Before any final delivery of the ordered broadcast products, they will be tested in strict accordance with the steps of component welding>>chassis assembly>>audio test>>ex-factory aging test, so as to meet the most stringent standards. We assure you of the best quality as always.

Best Supplier

We supply complete radio station equipment packages for radio operators, live streaming equipment for distance learning & online meetings, and round-up solutions & buying guidance for every broadcast personal & commercial radio broadcast.

Broadcast Equipment Factory

Committed to perfect audio and video broadcasting transmission solutions for any broadcast scenarios, we are FMUSER BROADCAST.


So far, we have successfully established long-term partnerships with customers from more than 200 countries and regions on five continents.


—— We supply radio station equipment and complete solutions for drive-in church and drive-in theater, corporate and groups, regulatory agencies, hospitals, sports industry, national companies, and community radio stations. More than thousands of customized radio broadcast solutions are created successfully for individual and commercial radio stations. >>More


—— We supply a series of professional solutions for radio stations all over the world, such as complete radio station package, radio station engineering room equipment, complete radio studio package, complete broadcast antenna system with accessories, studio transmitter link equipment, etc. you can also use our IPTV encoder, decoder, and transcoder along with other live streaming equipment to start or continue your pandemic live streaming in 2021, We have also developed hundreds of different optimal product combinations for you, of course, all comes with a budget price and good quality. >>More


Product Advantage
  • Audio and Video Broadcasting Transmission Solutions

    All broadcast products and solutions from FMUSER are promised to be well-made, budget, and high performance.

  • FM/TV Broadcast Transmitter Series

    FM/TV Broadcast Transmitter Series - This series has the characteristics of many types of power, adjustable power, strong RF signal transmission ability, and a wide application range. This series of transmitters can be used in broadcast stations of various sizes, especially in the current under the influence of the epidemic, their role is particularly prominent.

  • FM/TV Broadcast Antenna Series

    FM/TV Broadcast Antenna Series - This series has the characteristics of low price, strong performance, high gain, convenient and quick installation, and novel style. The product range covers the circularly polarized antenna, ground plane antenna, car antenna, dipole FM antenna, yagi antenna, broadband antenna, and slot antenna

  • Live Streaming Equipment Series

    Live Streaming Equipment Series - The series contains hardware IPTV encoders, IPTV decoders, and IPTV transcoder for live streaming, with single-channel, 4 channel, and 16 channels input options. Easy-carrying and featured by low latency, H.264/H.265 and multiple network protocols supported

  • Equipment for Radio Engineering Room

    Equipment for Radio Engineering Room - This series contains a few big guys, some of them are much more expensive than the mentioned equipment above, which includes high power RF filter, FM and TV combiner, high power RF dummy load, etc.





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