TV Turnkey Solution

FMUSER Complete TV HD Station

A complete redundant TV and HD studio solution.

In this example of an HD TV studio solution, we inserted one Main Studio and one News Studio setup, with a final Master control room and two editing rooms.

The automation software helps you program your transmissions, with clip player, fillers, logo graphics, standard graphics, advanced graphics, external device manager, live, live mixer, and audience message management.

It also includes other equipment for audio mixing and SSD recording, simplifying interaction with cameras, operators, and other studios.

Both stages are provided with cameras, Teleprompter, PTZ cameras, tripods, Chroma Key background, and lights in order to get the most correct and best color image.

All studios are connected to the network, able to exchange media files and contents.

Both the Main studio and news studio have their control room, which includes Tricaster all-in-one live production switcher and Control surface for mixing cameras, video, graphics, audio, titles, network sources, and custom animated effects. It includes features like virtual sets, live text editing, media editor, and sharing on social networks.

Tally and intercom are connected to the cameras and provide easy communication between the stage and control room.

The final Master control room receives contents from all the studios and decides what is going on air, performing switches, final control, and alignment between the studios.





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