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FMUSER, as a professional AM broadcasting equipment supplier, with its outstanding cost advantages and product performance, has delivered industry-leading AM broadcasting solutions to dozens of large AM stations around the world. In addition to several ultra-high power AM transmitters that can be delivered at any time, you will also acquire various auxiliaries to operate with the main system at the same time, including test loads with power up to 100kW/200kW (1, 3, 10kW also available), high-qualty test stands, and antenna impedance matching systemsChoosing FMUSER's AM broadcasting solution means that you can still build a complete set of high-performance AM broadcasting system at a limited cost - which ensures the quality, long life and reliability of your broadacst station.



  • Resistive Loads
  • RF Loads (see Catalogue)
  • CW loads for powers up to MW range
  • Pulse modulator loads for extreme peak powers
  • RF matrix switches (coaxial/symmetrical)
  • Baluns and feeder lines
  • High Voltage Cables
  • Auxiliary control/monitoring systems
  • Redundant safety systems
  • Additional interfacing options upon request
  • Module Test Stands
  • Tools and Special Equipment


#1 FMUSER's Solid-state Test Loads (Dummy Loads) for AM Transmitters

Many FMUSER RF amplifiers, transmitters, power supplies or modulators operate at extremely high peak- and average-powers. This means that it is not possible to test such systems with their intended loads without risk of damaging the load. Plus, with such high output power, the medium wave transmitters are required to be maintained or tested every other period of time, thus a test load of high qualirt is a must for the broadcast station. The test loads manufactured by FMUSER have integrated every necessary components into all-in-one cabinet, which allows remote control and automatic&manual switching — truly, this could means a lot for any AM broadcast system management.


#2 FMUSER's Module Test Stands

The test stands are mainly designed to ensure whether the AM transmitters are in good working conditions after the repairment of the buffer amplfier and power amplifier board. Once passing the test, the transmitter can be operated well — this helps to reduce the failure rate and suspension rate.


#3 FMUSER's AM Antenna Impedance Matching System

For AM transmitter antennas, the changable climates such as thundering, raining and humidity, etc. are the key factors to cause impedance deviation (50 Ω for example), that's exactly why an impedance matching system is needed — to re-match the antenna impedance. 


AM broadcast antennas are often quite large in size and quite easy to impedace deviation, and FMUSER's contactless impedance system are designed to the adaptive impedance adjustment of the AM broadcast antennas. Once the AM antenna impedance deviates by 50 Ω, the adaptive system will be adjusted to rematch the impedance of the modulation network to 50 Ω, so as to ensure the best transmission quality of your AM transmitter.






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