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This category includes a series of powerful, beautiful and practical FM receivers and FM radios of Tec sun CZE series, PL series, de series, Ms series, R series, a series, BCL series FM receivers, FM radios, Tu series Fu series FM modulators, and demodulators.

Tec sun series FM radios are small in size and exquisite in design and worth buying. The most attractive point is the perfect speaker inside so that you can enjoy the high-definition sound. Tecsun's latest high-end radio receiver has arrived. Equipped with analog high and medium frequency circuits, multiplex conversion, and DSP decoding technology, TEC sun series has an excellent performance in sensitivity, selectivity, and interference (image suppression) of the mirror station. In addition to these technological advances, Tecsun's latest top-level receiver also introduces the "automatic classified storage" function, which provides greater user-friendliness and convenience when using storage stations. In order to further improve the hearing enjoyment, it is equipped with class AB Audio Power Amplifier and ultra-dynamic full frequency loudspeaker. FM receiving frequency range can be set to receive 87 ~ 108MHz, 64 ~ 108MHz (receiving part of campus broadcast), 76 ~ 108MHz (Japanese standard), or 87.5 ~ 108 MHz (Chinese, European and American standards). It has high receiving sensitivity and an embedded standard communication interface for telemetry. It can be used in broadcast repeaters, FM broadcast monitoring, and any other applications that require high-quality FM receivers.

The new digital signal processing (DSP) technology and direct digital synthesis frequency (DDS) technology are used in FM and demodulators of Tu series and Fu series. Broadcast with CD quality. DSP (digital signal processor) + DDS (direct digital synthesis frequency) performs stereo coding and FM modulation. Support AES/EBU standard digital audio input.






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