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Communicate With Trusted Experts To Customize Budget IPTV Solution for Your Hotel

  • Become the Pioneer of The Hotel IPTV Solution

    Become the Pioneer of The Hotel IPTV Solution

    We are one of the industry pioneers of the hardware IPTV streaming media solution. With years of expertise accumulated in IPTV hardware fields, we provide all needed headends equipment, from the IPTV encoder, IPTV transcoder, to the network switch and set-top box. We also ensure that every part of the IPTV streaming system performs great in actual scenes. The high return benefits, low operating costs, and fantastic IPTV user experience are the primary goals of this IPTV system design.

  • Being Ultra Cost-friendly for Hotel Operators

    Being Ultra Cost-friendly for Hotel Operators

    On the basis of ensuring the controllability of all IPTV streaming hardware in the IPTV system, we also actively consider the buying cost you have. Through customized IPTV system products, our IPTV streaming system can adapt application scenarios for different budget IPTV streaming transmission, especially for the small hotel operators who want to achieve multiple IPTV streaming distribution in a hotel at a pretty low cost.

  • Custom Your IPTV Solutions at Any Time and Place

    Custom Your IPTV Solutions at Any Time and Place

    We can customize industry-leading IPTV streaming media solutions for the top hotels such as the four seasons resort lanai. We can also customize IPTV solutions for enterprises, hotel services, hospitals, education, and communication industries, etc. Of course, professional technical guidance and online support are available to help you better customize your IPTV solution.

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Communicate With Trustworthy Experts To Customize Budget STL Solutions for Your Radio Station

  • Create Your Exclusive STL Solution

    Create Your Exclusive STL Solution

    We can customize industry-leading studio transmitter link solutions for radio stations of different sizes. We can also customize STL solutions for applications such as live audio feeding to the studio, real-time audio distribution, multi-channel audio distribution for a retail store, and automatic announcement systems for the public, and develop the most reasonable equipment match based on the actual application scenario, help you build your exclusive STL solution.

  • Connect Your Radio Station and Your Audience Perfectly

    Connect Your Radio Station and Your Audience Perfectly

    The powerful audio and video signal transmission integrated solution combining high information density and precision resolution, which is also excellent in performance in audio and video transmission and signal processing ability, in which IP audio STL solution can effectively improve your radio station work efficiency and audience experience with its cross-barrier ultra-long signals transmission ability, high confidential, easy encryption processing, and easy-storage features.

  • Become a Pioneer of the Radio Station STL Solution

    Become a Pioneer of the Radio Station STL Solution

    We are one of the industry pioneers of professional studio link solutions. We also ensure that every part of the studio transmitter link solution performs great in actual scenes from encoders, decoders to antennas, STL transmitters, and STL receivers. High returns, low operating costs, and excellent user experience is the main goal of all of our STL solutions. Of course, professional technical guidance, and online support are available to help you better customize your STL solutions.

Precise STL Link Solution for Every Creative Radio Broadcasting Need

We will build and design extremely flexible and highly personalized studio transmitter link solutions for you according to your application requirements and actual budget..

Classic Analog STL Link Transmitter: FMUSER STL-10

  • If you have enough budget and want to transmit a high-quality audio signal in a short distance, you need a complete set of STL-10 analog link transmitters with related components such as Yagi antenna and cable, etc. STL-10 has high information density and precise resolution and is well-performed in anti-interference and anti-noise. The most important thing is that compared with the currently available composite STL system, STL-10 has lower channel crosstalk and higher redundancy, so it is more suitable for FM radio stations that need a short-distance but high-quality signal transmission.

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Ready-Steady Digital STL Broadcast: FMUSER DSTL

  • Digital studio transmitter link, also known as digital STL (DSTL), is an important part of all STL solutions of FMUSER. It chooses the network transmission mode for point-to-point audio and video signal transmission. Therefore, compared with traditional STL equipment, the equipment of FMUSER DSTL has better signal endurance and lower signal loss in point-to-point audio and video signal transmission. The characteristics of the ultra-low purchase cost and ultra-long signal transmission distance also make FMUSER DSTL popular with many professional broadcasters and amateur broadcast groups.

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Blue Print for Pro Radio Broadcast: FMUSER-STL

  • FMUSER-STL is a non-traditional STL system, you don't need to apply for RF licenses, you don't have to worry about its RF radiation problem either; It is equipped with the fifth generation audio transmission technology, achieving the true sense of 3,000KM Ultra-distance point to point audio signals transmission; During transmission, FMUSER-STL can transmit signals over obstacles such as mountains or buildings, you only need to find a set place for your radio station; by using this Set of FMUSER-STL, you can also transfer radio programs from a radio studio to many other studios in your country or region, and switch radio programs at any time in the App menu as needed

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Best Choice for Traditional STL Link: FMUSER Microwave STL

  • Unlike the digital studio transmitter link, the traditional point-to-point STL of FMUSER may increase your cost, but its performance can not be underestimated. Many operators of large radio or TV stations trust this traditional STL because of its very stable signal transmission capability. With only two parabolic antennas, one STL transmitter and receiver, and some feeders, you can easily achieve stable audio signal transmission for 50 miles (80 km) and obtain an immeasurable value of sustainable healthy broadcasting.

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Complete All-in-one Solutions

STL-10 STL Transmitter and STL Receiver

STL Transmitter for Radio Station


  • Weight: 5 Kg
  • Max Reflected Power: 5 W
  • Dimensions : 483 x 132.5 x 400 mm, rack std. 19”± 2U


  • RF Output Power: 0 to 15 W +/-0.5 dB
  • S/N Ratio Stereo: >68 dB (20 to 15 KHz)
  • Frequency Stability: <+/-100 Hz

Frequency Response

  • MPX Input: 10 to 100 KHz +/- 0.15 dB
  • AUX Input: 10 to 100 KHz +/- 0.15 dB
  • Audio Channel: 20 to 15 KHz +/- 0.15 dB

STL-10 STL Transmitter and STL Receiver

FMUSER STL Receiver for Radio Station

STL Receiver for Radio Station


  • Weight: 5 Kg
  • Power consumption: approx 25W from AC
  • Dimensions : 483 x 89 x 320 mm , rack std. 19” 2U


  • Image rejection: >65 dB
  • RF input impedance: 50Ohm
  • Sensitivity: -98 dBm at 16 dB SINDA


  • MPX output connector: BNC-F
  • RF input connector: N-Type -female
  • Stereo audio output connector: XLR-M

Flexible Point-To-Point STL Link Solutions

We provide the most reasonable STL link solution for the radio station in cost and performance to ensure you with the best audio and video signals transmission qualities.

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Creative Studio Transmitter Link Solution for Radio Station

The emergence of FMUSER-STL breaks the conventional way of audio signal transmission and makes barrier-free ultra long-distance (more than 3,000KM) transmission a reality

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Budget Digital STL Solution for Radio Station

We customize the complete point-to-point digital studio transmitter link solutions to easily adapt to various application scenarios for your radio station.

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Studio To Transmitter Over IP

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