5 Key Points to Do the Best for Online Course During Pandemic

Why is the existence of online classes necessary?

Online courses have long existed before COVID-19 and played an important role in people’s study. But at that time, an online course is a choice, not necessary. It is very convenient for people to improve themselves by using free time and not restricted by space. As the pandemic accelerated, the campus shut down, various distance learning or video lesson comes, all moved academic life online.

Why is the Existence of Online Classes Necessary

Why is the Existence of Online Classes Necessary

What equipments do the online courses need?

For Students

1) Laptop or desktop computer\ tablet PC\mobile phone



For Teachers

1) Camera

2) Video encoder

3) Computer

4) Headphone

5) Microphone

What Equipments Do the Online Courses Need

What do you need to prepare to achieve high-quality distance learning?

1) Have a good network and quiet learning environment.

2) Dress comfortably, prepare for class in advance.

3) Reduce attention distraction.

4) Follow the class process.

5) Interact with teachers actively.

6) Use headphones and microphones.

How is the current situation of online learning?

Due to the pandemic, the campus shut down, the problems of the distribution of educational resources have also appeared, and the current situation of online learning is a little pessimistic. Besides the less attention and participation in class, the more difficult problem is, in fact, there are many students who cannot attend the online class in backward districts or poor families. 6 April, an American teacher posted on Facebook, he said, he saw a boy with his Chrome book open sitting on the sidewalk to do his homework by using the free subway network, for some special reason and cannot surf the internet at home.

We should pay attention to this kind of problem, there are no good network conditions and students have to watch the video by going to the internet bar or on YouTube with their mobile phones in many many backward areas.

How is the Current Situation of Online Learning

How is the Current Situation of Online Learning

How to improve this situation effectively?

As we can see, there are many students without good study conditions but eager to learn and try hard to create the conditions. What can the government do to help them? If the school can be reopened or partially opened, and adopt a model of the small-class and teacher-student segregation, which can let the students who have no good conditions to have online classes come back to campus again.

How this teacher-student segregation model can be achieved?

To start live teaching, we need a camera and a microphone. Because live broadcast is a substitute for real classroom learning, quality should match the real classroom. If poor quality videos are played, students lose focus even if the content itself is good. Therefore, we recommend investing in a professional camera as much as possible, rather than live broadcast through mobile phones, computer cameras.

How This Teacher-student Segregation Model Can be Achieved

Just need a video encoder, one end is connected to the camera through HDMI, and one end is connected to the internet through Ethernet wire (or wireless Wi-Fi、 or 4 g network), the classroom camera content can be encoded into IP stream real-time transmission to the internet live broadcast platform to ensure that students can watch the classroom content anywhere. The low bandwidth adaptability of the video live encoder, whether it is high-definition, whether it is stable and uninterrupted flow, etc., are all the considerations for selecting the video encoder.

When there are cameras, live encoders, and other hardware devices, students can watch videos online through the Internet or LAN. And the live encoder can be used not only in the intranet but also in the extranet. The school can let the students decide whether to return to the classroom according to their own situation. The real-time teaching of the teacher can be uploaded to the Internet cloud, and the students can watch it through their mobile phones at home. Teachers can live in a separate classroom, only through the intranet, students in keeping a seat more than one meter away, each in the classroom or dormitory to watch the live broadcast so that both teachers and students are not infected while ensuring the quality of online teaching.





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