Where to Buy Radio Broadcast Equipment at Low Prices?

Budget is an important factor that affects you to choose what kinds of Radio Broadcast Equipment. But usually, choosing a piece of low-price equipment indicates giving up the performance.


But in FMUSER, you can find a variety of radio broadcast equipment for professional radio stations, IPTV, drive-in church services, live streaming studios, etc. of high quality at low prices, which includes FM/TV Transmitters for sale, Digital TV Devices for sale, Studio to Transmitter Link for sale, Audio Equipment for sale, etc.


With decades of experience in developing and manufacturing radio broadcast equipment and offering purchase guidance for our customers, you can be confident with our sales team and products.


And for sake of convenience, here's the director of FMUSER's radio broadcast equipment for sale, and you can click the terms that you're interested in.



FM/TV Transmitters;

Digital TV Devices for sale;

Studio to Transimtter Link;

Audio Equipment;




FU-05B, FU-15B, FU-15A, FU-25A, FU-30A , FU-30/50B, FU-7C, FU-X01BK2, FU-X01BK, FU-X01AK, FU-T300, FU-DCT50, FU-E01, FU-10830K, M01/M02 MINI Transmitter, FUTV-8201HE, FUTV-8221H, FUTV-9451, FUTV-3627, CZH518D


FSN-1000T, FSN-1500T, FSN-100B, FSN-600T, FSN-1000R, FSN-350T, FSN-1000K, FSN-600K, FSN-350K, FSN-150K, FSN5-350W, FSN5-600W, FSN5-50W, FSN5-150W, FSN5-1000W, FSN-350H, CZH618F-5C, FU618F-100W, FU618F-500C, FU618F-100C, FU618F-300C, FU618F-1000C, FMT5.0-50H, FMT5.0-150H, FU618F-2000C, FSN-2000T, FU518D-100W, FU518D-200W, FU518D-300W, FU518D-500W, FU518D-1KW, FU518A-500W, FU518A-200W, FU518A-300W, FU518A-100W, FU518A-1KW, FUTV-9451, FUTV-9423, FUTV-9422 (200W, 300W, 400W, 500W), FUTV-3627, FUTV-9413 


FU618F-10KW, FU618F-3kW, FU618F-5kW, FU618F-10kW, FSN-3500T, FSN-5000T, FUTV-9423, CZE518A-3kW, CZE518A-5kW, CZE518A-10kW, CZH518A-2kW, FU518D-2kW

FM/TV Transmitters include plenty of models so that they can respond to different people's needs. FM Transmitter with output power of:

30 watt, 50 watt, 100 watt, 150 watt, 250 watt, 300 watt, 350watt, 500 watt, 600 watt, 1000 watt, 2000 watt, 3000 watt, 3500 watt, 5000 watt, 10000 watt.

As you can see, the low power Transmitters with power ranging from 0 ~ 50 watt are usually used in drive in theatre, personal radio station. The higher power FM broadcast transmitters, whose power ranges from 50 watt to 2000 watt, are likely to be used in community radio stations, Christian church radio stations, and city radio stations that requiring to cover a larger area. As for those high power FM Transmitters whose power higher than 2000 watt, they are mainly used in professional radio stations.

They support stereo and mono with high-quality sound and you may feel like listening to CDs. In addition, they are designed in compact structures that can save your space effectively. AGC is also equipped with these transmitters, that it is able to adjust the output power and maintain it within a set range without drifting. Furthermore, many technicians are easy to maintain because they can work in an extremely hard environment and are equipped with protection functions. And LCD screens for displaying key parameters and controlling by touching them facilitate technicians' pressure in working.


They can meet the needs from drive in movie to professional needs. If you want more details, please free to contact us!


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Digital Front End Equipment


FEB200, FBE204, FBE216, RDS-C, FUTV4658(A), FUTV4622,4656(C), FUTV3506


FUTV4031A, FUTV4207X, FUTV-3198HIA


FUTV444, FUTV406, FUTV408, FUTV168, FUTV466, FUTV467

Our Digital TV Front End Equipment for sale includes encoders and decoders for your convenience. They both have good compatibility and support multiple video and audio formats, streaming resolution support up to 720P,1080P, also support insertable of logo and scrolling subtitles. It also supports high-speed internet to avoid lagging problems when you use it.


This kind of equipment is widely used in hotels, digital broadcast systems, etc. If you need more information, please free to contact us at any time.


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Studio to Transmitter Links

STL-10, DSTL-10-1 AV HDMI, DSTL-10-8 HDMI, DSTL-10-4 AV-CVBS, FMUSER 4 Point Sent to 1

Our STL systems for sale have good compatibility, multiple interfaces, and supported formats to meet different transmission needs. What's more, they can receive up to four points sent to 1 station. In addition, we will finish the setup at the factory and the customers only need to connect the cables, which facilitates the installation process. We all know that STL system is especially suitable for TV broadcast stations.


If you work in the center of the city, you may need to buy STL systems, which can cover a range of radium up to 10km.


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XENYX 502, 1604-VLZ3, 01V96I 16-CHANNEL/ 302USB/ XENYX 802, X1204USB MIXER/ 1204FX/ 1202FX/ 1002b/ X1222USB/Q(X)1002USB/QX2442USB/ UB1622FX-PRO/ UB2442FX-PRO/ 1222FX-PRO/ MX400/ QX1622USB/QX1202USB/ Q802USB/ Q802USB/ EURORACK UB502/ UB1002/ UB1202/ UB2222FX-RPO/ UB1832FX-PRO




PGXD24/ SHURE BETA48/ High Sensitivity Portable Mini Microphone


The Audio Equipment for sale is for professional broadcast stations, studios, and live streaming, etc. The high gain and large dynamic range up to 130dB meets the high requirements for studios. What's more, they are able to keep the noise at an extremely low level so that it's hard for us to hear the noise in it.


You may be confused about choosing so many models for sale, please free to contact us. We can give you professional purchase guidance. In addition, Turnkey Studio Solutions with complete equipment are offered, which can be used without trouble.


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Besides the broadcast equipment above, we also provide other broadcast accessories including cables, connectors, power splitter, and dummy load, so that you can save your time in searching. If you are about to buy radio broadcast equipment, you can trust FMUSER. As an experienced team, we can offer you the best one stop solution with superior quality and affordable prices. All you need to do is just to tell us your requirement. Whatever problems about broadcast equipment, please contact us, we are waiting for your inquiry.


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