Working on Our 10kW FM Transmitter Station FU618F

If you are going to build a professional radio station for like military, telecommunication network, emergency communication for disaster support, Medical, and other applications, and need to buy a high-power FM transmitter, our 10kW FM Transmitter Station FU618F with hot-plug amplifier module and double digital exciter, automatically change is recommended.


FU618F is an excellent FM Transmitter for professional radio stations. It is one of FMUSER's most innovative products with reliability and high performance. It consists of center control module, double digital exciters, 12 pcs hot-plug 1KW FM amplifier modules, 12-way combiner, a perfect BPF and 10 pcs hotplug 2500VA switched power source modules.


Why Choose to Buy 10kW FM Transmitters of FMUSER?
The Features and Advantages of FU618F
  1. Two All-digital 30W exciters with switcher used to drive each module directly, providing you with better sound quality.
  2. Twelve Units 1KW hotplug RF power modules. Total output power is extremely stable thanks to AGC(Automatic Gain Control). And the real hotplug structure allows technicians to maintain the transmitter while it is working.
  3. RS232/RS485 communication interface ready for remote operation.
  4. 12-way high-efficiency combiner with patent technology meets your high requirement with stability and high performance.
  5. Compared with other products with the same performance, FU618F saves at least 20% of your costs.


Our Perfect Services Guarantee Your Experience

As a broadcast equipment solution supplier with decades of experience, FMUSER has a professional sales team that guarantees your experience from order to arrival to your hands.


A complete FM Transmitter package for radio stations for sale can facilitate your difficulty in selection. In addition, if you have any problems like price, after-sale services, and more details, please free to CONTACT US, we are hearing you with all ears!


Wide Use Sennarios for Professional Broadcast

A 10kW FM transmitter is able to cover a large range for radium of 200km+. So it is able to meet the requirements below:

  • To build professional FM radio stations at provincial, municipal, and township levels
  • To build an ultra-wide coverage radio station for urgent communication in the disaster area
  • To build a professional FM radio station with over millions of audience
  • Hope to buy large professional FM radio transmitters at a low cost






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