How to Pick up the Best Low Power FM Transmitter in 5 Steps?

how to pick up the best low power fm transmitter in 5 steps


Low power FM radio station allows everyone to start up their own FM broadcasting services at low costs. And more and more people are planning to build up their own low power FM radio stations now. 


But for most people, it is not hard to make a plan to build up an FM radio station, but how to choose the best low power FM radio transmitter.


Fortunately, we prepare 5 steps for choosing the best low power FM transmitter for you. Let's keep reading!


5 Steps for Buying the Best Low Power FM Transmitter

You may get a lot of advice from others. However, a step-by-step guide to choosing the best low power FM transmitter is more practical for you.

Step #1 Confirm Your Target Listeners

Your target listeners are your target market, and it determines which type of FM transmitter you should choose. More listeners you have, the higher transmitting power FM transmitter you need. 


For example, if you need to start up a drive-in broadcasting services, a 25 watt FM transmitter would be your best choice.

Step #2 Cover Full Frequency Band

A full range of frequency band can help you find the best working frequency if there is signal interferences. It means that the frequency band from 87.0 MHz to 108.0MHz should be available. 


Of course, the frequency band you need depends on your local regulations. If you works in Japan, the FM frequency band ranges from 76.0 - 95.0 MHz. It ranges differently in different countries.

Step #3 Ensure Your Sound Quality

Sound quality matters in the listening experience, which will affect whether your FM radio program is popular or not. Good low power FM transmitter accompanies high sound quality.


FMUSER FU-25A 25 watt FM transmitter has gained a lot of favors due to its high quality sound. Now it has been used in a lot of drive in broadcasting services in Phillipines.

Step #4 Gurantte Your Operation Experience

Some low power FM radio transmitter design gets the operation difficult, which takes you a lot of time and energy in installing and setting.

If you are a beginner, go for the ones that are easy to use.

Step #5 Choose the Reliable Brands

Why not choose a reliable brand and purchase the low power fm radio station equipment that meet your needs?


For example, FMUSER is a China broadcasting equipment manufacturer, and we provide the best low power FM transmitter kit above your expectations. It can be used in various applications, including drive in broadcasting services, community radio, school radio, etc.



1. Q: Is a 25 Watt FM Transmitter Legal?

A: Yes of course! A 25 watt FM transmitter is a kind of low power FM transmitter. Usually, you need to apply for the FM radio station lisence first.

2. Q: How to Use a 25 Watts FM Transmitter in a Drive-in Church?

A: Plug the FM Transmitter into your audio output. The FM Transmitter will broadcast the sermon to each members' car radio. Your members only need to tune into the FM station you selected. They can now hear your message while keeping the proper distance.

3. Q: How Far Will a 25 Watt FM Transmitter Reach?

A: In general terms the FM signals can reach around 30 miles from the point of transmission. However, it is noted that the key considerations are the FM installation height and gain.

4. Q: How Can I Boost My FM Radio Singals?

A: Generally, there are 3 ways for boosting the FM radio Signals:

  • Installing the FM antenna higher, and it is the most effient way;
  • Buy a better FM antenna with higher gain
  • Buy a better FM transmitter with higher transmitting power.




In this share, we learn the 5 steps for choosing the best FM transmitter from confirming the target listeners, to choosing the reliable brands. 


This method can help you choose the best low power  FM transmitter and start up the FM radio station at low costs.


FMUSER is one of the best radio broadcasting equipment suppliers. If you need to buy complete low power FM transmitter kit at the best prices, please feel free to contact us!

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