How to Choose the Best Analog TV Transmitter for Your TV Transmitter Station?



Analog TV broadcasting is a vital transmitting method in TV broadcasting. Do you know what the best analog TV transmitter is? If you have any idea of buying an analog TV transmitter, this page would focus on how to choose the best analog TV transmitter, containing the basic introduction, how it works, the relative TV broadcasting equipment, and where to buy it. or you work in TV broadcasting companies, you can't miss this page.


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The Basic Knowledge that You Should Know


An analog TV transmitter is a TV broadcast equipment used for over-the-air TV broadcasting. It radiates radio waves that carry video signals and audio signals to the coverage, and they represent the moving images and the synchronized audio. 


The power of the analog TV transmitter varies from 50w to 10kw. It broadcasts TV signals in the frequency range of VHF and UHF. And it is widely used in various TV transmitter stations.


How does an Analog TV Transmitter Work?


Analog TV transmitter is one of the most essential pieces of TV broadcasting equipment. It is used for broadcasting the TV signals to the TV receivers in the coverage, and people can receive them through a TV receiving antenna.


Typically, it finishes the task of broadcasting TV signals in 3 steps:


1. It receives the TV signals from TV stations through studio transmitter link.

2. It would process the TV signals and convert them into the electronic current. For example, the analog TV transmitter modulated the TV signals onto the radio carrier waves in the specific frequency range.

3. The electronic currency will be transferred to the TV transmitting antenna and generate the radio waves in the form of analog signals. The TV antenna would broadcast them.



5 Tips for Choosing the Best Analog TV Transmitter


A best-quality analog TV transmitter is essential for TV broadcasting companies because TV broadcasting is an essential public service that is strict with the quality of TV broadcasting. So how to choose the best analog TV transmitter for your TV transmitter station?

Good Performance

Performance is important. An analog TV transmitter with high power can cover a large coverage. An excellent video and audio function can provide the viewers with the best listening and watching experience. The larger bandwidth it has, the more channels it can transmit. It means that you can attract more viewers and bring more benefits to the TV broadcasters.

Key Parameters

Here are 3 key parameters of an analog TV transmitter that you should pay attention to before you place orders:


  • Transmitting Power - The power of the TV transmitter decides the coverage and the capability of penetration of the TV signals. If you have any questions about the choice of power level, don't hesitate to get in touch with our RF expert.


  • Bandwidth - The bandwidth means the width of the frequency. A wider bandwidth can contain more information, which means the analog TV transmitter can broadcast more TV channels


  • Clutter Suppression and Harmonic Suppression - Clutter suppression and harmonic suppression can reduce the unstable factors when the analog TV transmitter broadcasts TV signals and protect the machine from breaking down. So the lower clutter suppression and harmonic suppression are better.

Reliable Stability

Not only is performance important, but also stability does. A reliable analog TV transmitter can continuously broadcast for a long time and avoid breaking down. Because it is almost impossible to be a failure, it can significantly reduce the use cost for TV broadcasters and provide the best watching experience for the viewers. 

Safety and Protection

Safety and protection function is necessary for an analog TV transmitter. A long time working usually leads to a high rate of damage to the machine. Without safety and protection function, the analog TV transmitter probably breaks down and leads to damage to the equipment around.

User Friendliness

A good product design should consider users' needs and be able to improve their working efficiency. For example, a clear screen and a reasonably designed operation interface can greatly help operators get the hang of the analog TV transmitter operation quickly. Obviously, it is helpful to improve the working efficiency for them.

Trusted Brand

Last but not least, you should choose the best brand that you trust. A worth trusted brand can provide you with the best analog TV transmitter and improve the economic efficiency of the TV broadcasting company.


When you need help with the analog TV transmitter or the other TV broadcast equipment, it can provide you with the most timely support and the most helpful advice. There is no doubt that a worth trusted brand can reduce the cost and pressure of all aspects for you at any time.


What is in a Complete Analog TV Transmitter Package?


An analog TV transmitter cannot transmit TV signals without other TV broadcasting equipment. Here's the list of analog TV broadcasting equipment kits. In general, they are:


  • VHF&UHF analog TV transmitter
  • TV transmitting antenna
  • Antenna Cables
  • Main power supply
  • Connectors
  • Other necessary accessories


In addition, an analog TV transmitter usually receives TV signals from TV stations through studio transmitter link. And a complete series studio transmitter link equipment usually includes:


  • Studio transmitter link transmitter
  • Studio transmitter link receiver
  • Studio transmitter link antenna
  • Antenna cables
  • Connectors
  • Other necessary accessories

What's the Best Analog TV Transmitter Manufacturers?


A single choice is not enough, and you need more brands for options?  Here's what you need! The following are a few brands that are competitive in the broadcasting industry.

Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz was founded over 85 years and became one of the best TV broadcasting equipment suppliers worldwide. It sells the TV transmitter with output power ranging from 10w to 96.5kw and up to 50% working efficiency. In addition to TV transmitters, it provides a series of solutions for RF test and measurement, broadcast, and media.

Continental Electronics

Continental Electronics is an RF system supplier and manufacturer with over 70 years of experience. It focuses on high-power and high-frequency radio broadcasting equipment. The frequency level of its TV transmitter ranges from kilohertz to gigahertz, and the power level varies from watt to megawatts.


Hitachi-Comark is a highly specialized company with many years of experience in manufacturing RF components and RF systems for TV broadcasting and RF components. The output power of its TV transmitter ranges from 25w to 100kw. In addition, it provides other professional radio broadcasting equipment like encoding equipment, RF test equipment, etc.

Cable AML 

Cable AML is a professional broadcast systems manufacturer and concentrates on digital TV broadcasting systems at the frequency of 50MHz to 80GHz. Its products include 15W to 6.5kw TV transmitters and 15W to 25kW FM broadcast transmitters, point-to-point links for video and data applications, Broadband microwave transceivers, transmitters, repeaters, and receivers.


Extreme quality usually means high prices. If you need to buy an analog TV transmitter with higher price-performance, FMUSER is your best choice! Extreme quality usually means high prices. If you need to buy an analog TV transmitter with higher price-performance, FMUSER is your best choice! We can provide complete radio broadcasting equipment packages for drive-in church, drive-in movie theater, school broadcasting, educational broadcasting, community radio broadcasting, etc. With the best support from FMUSER, you can build up a new radio station quickly even if you are a radio newbie. Click here for more information.


Frequently Asked Question


1. Q: What is an analog TV transmitter?


A: Analog is one of the modulation methods used in TV transmitters. An analog TV transmitter modulates audio and video signals onto the radio carrier wave and transmits them as analog signals.


2. Q: Is an analog TV transmitter better than a digital TV transmitter?


A: The answer is based on the actual situation. For example, if you need to broadcast TV signals in mountains areas, an analog TV transmitter can perform better than the digital one. In addition, analog TV transmitter costs less than digital TV transmitter, which is essential for those in poor areas.


3. Q: What is the frequency band of a TV transmitter?


A: An analog TV transmitter can broadcast VHF and UHF bands. The following are the frequency band in detail:

  • 54 to 88 MHz for channels 2 to 6
  • 174 to 216 MHz channels 7 to 13
  • 470 to 890 MHz channels 14 to 83


4. Q: How does an analog TV transmitter work?


A: In general, an analog TV transmitter broadcasts TV signals in 3 steps:


  • It receives the TV signals from TV stations with the help of studio transmitter link.
  • The analog TV transmitter modulated the TV signals onto the radio carrier waves in a specific frequency range.
  • The radio waves will be broadcast by the TV transmitting antenna.



Speaking of which, we know the basic knowledge of the analog TV transmitter, how to choose the best analog TV transmitter, and where to buy it. As an expert in the radio broadcasting industry, we can provide the best solution for building up a TV transmitter station. Contact us right now!

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