How to Find the Best FM Radio Transmitter


When you're choosing an FM Transmitter, you may be confused about the parameters posted on it. Here will be the introduction of technologies inside FM transmitters for helping to choose the best FM Radio Transmitter.


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What is FM Transmitter ?


A complete broadcast system consists of three parts: antenna, transmitter, and receiver.


FM transmitter is the most important piece of equipment that is responsible for taking the sound from your studio and broadcasting it through an antenna to receivers throughout your listening area. 


Due to the fact that the SNR is large, FM transmitter is widely used in fields where require clear voice and little noise like radio transmission and radio broadcast. 


Generally, the FM transmitter uses frequencies of 87.5 to 108.0 MHz to transmit the FM signal. In addition, the power of FM transmitters for radio broadcast ranges from 1w to 10kw+.


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How do FM Transmitters Work ?


  • At the first of beginning, the microphone would take the voice in. 
  • Then it would enter the transmitter as the voice input signal after being converted by the audio processor. 
  • The input signal is combined with a carrier frequency being generated by the voltage controlled oscillator (V.C.O.). 
  • However, the input signal probably is not sufficiently powerful enough to be transmitted up through an antenna. 
  • So the signal power would be amplified up to output level through Exciter and Power Amplifier. 
  • Now, the signal is sufficient for the antenna to transmit.


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About ERP Effected Radiated Power


Before you estimate the cover radius of your FM transmitter, you need to learn about the concept of ERP (effective radiated power), which is used for measuring directional radio frequency power.


The formula of the ERP is:

ERP = Transmitter power in Watt x 10^((Gain of the antenna system in dBb - looses of the cable) / 10)


Therefore, to Calculate ERP you Need to Know the following Factors:

  • The output power of the transmitter
  • The losses of the coaxial cable used to connect the transmitter to the antenna.
  • The length of the coaxial cable.
  • The type of antenna system: dipole vertical polarization, circular polarization, single antenna, systems with 2 or more antennas, etc.
  • The gain of the antenna system in dBb. The gain can be positive or negative.


Here is the Example of ERP Calculation:

Power of the FM Transmitter = 1000 Watt

Type of antenna = 4 bay dipole vertical polarization with a gain of 8 dBb

Type of cable = low looses 1/2”

Length of cable = 30 meters

Attenuation of the cable = 0,69dB

ERP = 1000W x 10^(8dB - 0,69dB)/10 = 3715W


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What will the Range of FM Broadcast Transmitters Be?


After getting the result of ERP, you still need to think about the external factors like environmental conditions and height of the antennas, where the radiation range largely depends.


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More Innovative Functions Deserved to Know


Today, FM transmitters for broadcasting have equipped more and more innovative technologies to improve the overall performance, like sound quality improvement, web control, display check, etc., for offering a better experience for users. 


In terms of sound quality improvement, some FM Broadcast Transmitters have multi audio source input, like AES / EBU digital audio signal input, and analog audio signal input, which significantly improves the sound quality.


When it comes to web control, parts of transmitters are with TCP / IP and RS232 communication interface, which supports the operation and updating through codes, the operability of them are increased.


For many technicians, display check maybe the most useful function for them. The information of transmitters would be displayed on the screen, and technicians are allowed to adjust the parameters by tapping on screens.


Recently, we have noticed that, compared to the transmitters only with basic functions, the ones with more functions gain more popularity. Based on this fact, we attach great importance to developing more useful functions on broadcast equipment to facilitate technicians' pressure and save their time and cost in maintenance. FMUSER provides you with broadcast equipment with useful functions. If you are interested in it, feel free to contact us!

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