Least FM Broadcast Equipment List for Beginners

FM broadcast equipment list for beginners


Before you put your FM radio station on the air, you need to make a lot of decisions related to FM broadcast equipment. Usually there is not fixed answer on the choices of radio station equipment, because everyone has different broadcasting needs.


However, it is frustrating if you are an FM newbie to radio broadcasting, especially when you are facing a mass of radio station equipment.


Don't worry, and we prepare a the least equipment list of radio station, studio station equipment to help you out.


Let's keep exploring!


Find the Least FM Broadcast Equipment Used in Radio Station? Here is the List!


To build up a complete FM radio station, you will need at least two types of radio station equipment: radio station broadcasting equipment and radio studio equipment.


Radio Station Broadcasting Equipment

1# FM Broadcast Transmitter


FM Broadcast Transmitter is the core FM broadcast equipment in the FM radio station, and it is used for converting the audio signals into RF signals.


For a newbie to radio broadcasting, you need to consider who you are going to provide broadcasting services, then you should pay attention to the RF parameters like output power, frequency range, etc. and the audio indicators like SNR, stereo distortion.


2# FM broadcast antenna


FM broadcast antenna is an important radio station equipment as well, and it is used for transmitting the RF signals to the FM receviers.


As the FM broadcast antennas influences the RF signals quality to a great extend, so you should focus on the quality of FM broadcast antenna, including its gain, polarization, types, direction, etc. Then you can make full use of it.


3# RF Cables and Connectors


RF cables and connectors are used for connecting various FM broadcast equipment. In addition, it could influence the transmitting efficiency of the whole RF systems.


For example, it can ensure the broadcasting information could be transmitted to the FM radio station clearly.


Radio Studio Equipment

1# Audio Processor


Audio processor is an important radio station equipment in radio studio station. It is located in the part in the way of signals transmission. 


It can greatly help you improve the sound quality by removing the equalization in the audio signals, enhancing the listening experience, etc.


2# Mixer Console


The mixer console can help you process the audio signals as expected. For example, if there are two singers and they are singing with two microphones, you can combine their sounds together and output.


Besides, the mixer console has many other audio processing functions. You can achieve them through the buttons on it.


3# Monitor Headphones


Of course you'll need monitor headphones. No matter when you are recording or listening to the records again, the monitor headphones can help you find the noise or other undesired sound.


4# Microphones and Microphone Stands


It is no doubt that you'll need a radio station equipment used for recording, that is microphones. The high-quality microphones can bring you the most authentic and restored sound and improve the quality of radio programs.


The FM broadcast equipment above is the least equipment you need to build up an FM radio station. When you run your FM radio station for a while, you probably generate more requirements, and you can enrich your radio station equipment list to provide multiplied broadcasting services.



1. Q: Is FM Broadcasting Services Illegal?

A: Yes of course, but it depends on your local broadcasting regulations.


Before starting your FM broadcasting services, you should consult the regulation administration first and confirm what should be 

2. Q: What's the FM Frenquency Range?

A: 87.5 - 108.0 MHz, 76.0 - 95.0 MHz, and 65.8 - 74.0 MHz. 


Different counrties are distincted with the FM frequency range. 

  • The standard FM broadcast band: 87.5 - 108.0 MHz
  • The Japan FM broadcast band: 76.0 - 95.0 MHz
  • OIRT band mainly used in Eastern Europe: 65.8 - 74.0 MHz 

3. Q: What's the Polarization of FM Broadcast Antenna?

A: Polarization refers to the transverse waves that specifies the geometrical orientation of the oscillations.


Generally, polarizations are divided into 3 types: vertical, horizontal, and circular. The polarization of transmitting antenna and receiving antenna should be matched.

4. Q: How Much Does it Cost to Start up an FM Radio Station?

A: About $15000 to start broadcasting services.


For a traditional low power FM radio station, perhaps you need $15000 to start it and $1000 is used for maintaining. But it depends on the types you choose, if you choose to start it with least equipment, it is no doubt that the cost will be greatly reduced.




On this page, we learn the least FM broadcast equipment needed to build up an FM radio station equipment, including radio station broadcasting equipment and radio studio equipment.


The content mentioned above is helpful for newbies, beacause it helps you reduce the unnecessary costs, and build up radio station quickly at the least budget.


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