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UHF TV panel antenna is one of the most common TV transmitting antennas that are used in the UHF frequency. If you are going to build a TV radio station, you can't miss it! Let's have a basic understanding of the UHF TV panel antenna by following this page.


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All about UHF TV Panel Antenna


We know that the TV broadcast antenna can significantly improve the TV signals. But why the TV panel antenna is so popular in TV transmission? Let's have a brief introduction to the UHF TV panel antenna.


A UHF TV panel antenna is a type of TV transmitting antenna used in over-the-air TV. It is used in the UHF frequency range, which is 470 to 890 MHz, which is the frequency range of UHF channels 14 to 83. With a series of technical means, the TV broadcasters can provide UHF TV broadcasting services for the public. 


The UHF TV panel antenna can be used in UHF TV broadcasting and point-to-point transmission. For example, if the broadcasters need to transmit the recorded programs to the TV transmitter station, they need to transmit them by using studio transmitter link system. Then the broadcasters can use the UHF TV panel antenna as the TV transmitting antenna as well as the TV receiving antenna.

Volume and Weight

A UHF TV panel antenna has a small volume. It comes with the advantages of being easy to transport and lightweight, which can save your transportation costs. In addition, it has an excellent capability of wind resistance by reducing the wind load significantly. 



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Due to the simple structure, it can be easily installed and removed. Above all, it can be easily combined as a complete UHF TV panel antenna array to meet different broadcast needs.

Gain and Bandwidth 

As the UHF TV Panel Antenna is a directional antenna, its gain is better than the omnidirectional TV transmitting antenna. In addition, if you combined an omnidirectional TV antenna array with UHF TV panel antennas, it has a wider bandwidth that you can broadcast more TV programs.

Service Life

As it is completely closed designed, it can effectively reduce the affection of the wind and moist air. It comes with the long service life of the UHF TV panel antenna.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Is the UHF TV Panel Antenna Vertical Polarization or Horizontal Polarization?

A: It depends on your needs!


UHF TV panel antenna can be vertical polarization and horizontal polarization based on your needs.

2. Q: Is the UHF TV Panel Antenna Used in Digital TV Broadcasting?

A: Of course it can!


The UHF TV panel antenna can be used in no matter analog TV broadcasting or digital TV broadcasting. It has a wide bandwidth that can meet the requirement of digital TV broadcasting.

3. Q: Can I use UHF TV Panel Antenna for omnidirectional TV broadcasting?

A: The answer is yes.


But you need to note that you'll prepare for at least 4 UHF TV panel antennas that face different directions.

4. Q: Is the UHF TV Panel Antenna Easily to Break Down?

A: No, it has a long service life actually.


The UHF TV Panel antenna is completely closed designed, which can avoid corrosion by rain or moist air. In addition, the components inside the antenna are electrically grounded offering excellent protection against lightning.




We know what is UHF TV panel antenna and its features via this page. Do you want to build your own TV station? FMUSER can provide complete TV broadcast equipment packages, including TV broadcast transmitters, and complete TV broadcast antenna systems with UHF TV panel antenna packages. If you need more about our TV broadcast solutions, please contact us right now!



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