6 Best Buying Tips for VHF TV Transmitters

6 buying tips for vhf tv transmitter


VHF TV transmitter is still widely used in all around the world. If you want to broadcast your TV programs in the country village or in the valley, VHF TV transmitter can help you.


But do you know how to choose the best VHF TV transmitter? To help you pick up the best VHF TV transmitter, we summarize 6 buying tips for the best one. Keep reading!


6 Best Buying Tips for VHF TV Transmitters


When choosing the VHF TV transmitter, you may be confused by the output power, broadcast frequencies, etc. Never mind, even if you are an RF novice, you can choose the best VHF TV transmitter as long as following the 6 buying tips below.

Output Power

The output power of the TV transmitter determines the coverage of the TV signal. The choice of the output power depends on your budget and application. 


If you have any questions about the choice of power level, please feel free to contact our RF experts.


A good VHF TV transmitter comes with complete broadcasting channels, including 54 to 88 MHz for channels 2 to 6 (except 72 - 76 MHz), and 174 - 216 MHz for channels 7 to 13. 


If you find signal interference on a channel, then you can adjust to another channel to continue broadcasting your TV programs.


Whether your TV station is broadcasting 24/7 or not, you need to consider the stability of the VHF TV transmitter.


A stable TV transmitter will not only give your viewers a good watching experience but also reduce the stress and time you have to spend maintaining your equipment.

Digital and Analog Transmission

You also need to know whether you intend to use analog or digital transmission, which can affect your broadcast station in several ways:

1. Price - Often digital VHF TV transmitters are more expensive than analog transmitters.

2. Viewing experience - Only your TV station's signal is strong enough, can the viewers to receive the TV pictures from a digital TV transmitter, whereas analog TV transmitters do not require TV signal strength. However,  on the other side, digital TV transmitters can transmit better quality pictures and sound.

User Friendliness

Not everyone is an RF expert, so why not get a VHF TV transmitter that is easier to operate?


Simple operation not only saves you time in setting up your TV transmitter,  but also reduces your costs in maintaining it.




In this share, we summarize the 6 buying tips for the best VHF TV transmitters for you, including output power, frequency, stability, digital and analog transmission and user-friendliness. And we hope they are really helpful for you.


As one of the best TV broadcasting equipment suppliers, we can provide you with the best VHF TV transmitter kit, including analog and digital VHF TV transmitters for sale, TV broadcasting antenna, etc.


If you want more about VHF TV transmitters, please feel free to contact us! 

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