Why You Must Have a FU-15A FM Broadcast Transmitter for the Drive-in Church?

FUMUSER FM Transmitter Special designed for Church broadcasting services.

The FU-15A, supporting modern broadcasting technologies, is designed for low-ranged applications such as drive-in services, church broadcast, match commentary as well as home-use.

FU-15A has many features such as low power consumption, low price, excellent materials, and strong signal transmission capabilities.

FU-15A uses a hardware-based root of trust integrated into a discrete secure element compliant with high common criteria certification, which the company says makes it suitable to protect sensitive assets and communications.

The FU-15A also offers a distinctive transport style in the transmission of electronic signals, which has coverage up to 28㎡, it's suitable for a special period, special people, and special services.

FUMUSER Low-power Long ranged series is a major milestone on the way to commercial readiness of the FM transmitter series.

“The FU-15A will help meet the demand for drive-in services with innovation in enhanced broadcasting security and high levels of integration. Purchasing the FM transmitter on our FUMUSER network will contribute to efficiently prevent virus transmission and enable the follower to hear from you again.”

If you need to purchase any live streaming sets of FM/TV transmitter for drive-in services, please feel free to contact us by Email: zoey.zhang@fmuser.net.

Why You Must Have a FU-15A Church Broadcast Transmitter

Why You Must Have a FU-15A Church Broadcast Transmitter

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