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Enthusiastic conviction.  It’s the cornerstone of congregation building – moving the churchgoers past dreary worship meetings towards welcome spiritual rejuvenation sessions.

Motivational presentation is the critical enabler of a thriving community – successful ministries learn how to deliver compelling and meaningful messages and how to disseminate those messages to audiences beyond the church walls.

The church is not alone in this need – most of the public’s information, news, and entertainment are broadly accessible. Television plays the largest role in this need – today’s television technology is not reserved only for big-name evangelists or mega ministries.

The advancement of media technologies has made the electronic medium available for all manner of religious groups to disseminate their message.

Television production supports religious broadcasts in several ways, from televising live services to religious studies to biblical re-enactments. Commercial television provides a good benchmark for how to produce these deliverables effectively and efficiently – the single most critical technology is the prompting equipment.

Prompters are the key presentation enabler – they allow the speaker to concentrate on delivery instead of memorization, audience connection instead of recitation.

Executive Speech Prompters can often be seen on both sides of the pulpit, and on-camera prompters are a mainstay of televised services.

FMUSER has been building speech and camera prompters for over 25 years – many religious organizations have come to depend on our technology.

Our products cover the entire spectrum of deliverables – we will support your communication needs with a solution tailored to your immediate needs and stay alongside as those requirements evolve.





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