What's the Best High Power FM Transmitter for the Radio Station?


With the help of FM transmitters, FM broadcasters can provide FM broadcasting services for the listeners. But which high-power FM radio transmitter is the best for FM broadcasters? This blog will try to explain what's the best FM radio transmitter for FM broadcasters.


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What is a High Power FM Transmitter Used for?


FM radio transmitter is the broadcasting equipment for transmitting FM signals. So they are used for helping people provide broadcasting services to the people in the coverage.


Usually, FM radio transmitters are divided into low-power FM transmitters (ranging from 0.1 watts to 100 watts) and high-power FM transmitters (more than 100 watts) in transmitting power. The low-power FM transmitter is mainly used in places with small coverage and few listeners. In contrast, the high-power FM transmitter is widely used in professional FM stations and FM broadcasters, government broadcasting, etc.



4 Key Factors that a High-Quality FM Transmitter Should Have


A suitable high-power FM transmitter should meet the basic needs of FM broadcasters and the FM radio stations, such as low cost, transmission stability, broad coverage, and simple maintenance, etc. 


The most price-performance FM transmitter is the best choice for FM broadcasters. A price-performance FM radio transmitter should fully meet the essential broadcasting requirement while saving operating costs.


As FM radio broadcasting is an essential public service, the high-power FM transmitter should be able to broadcast radio signals for a long time and have the capability of moisture and heat protection.

Wide Coverage

A high-power FM transmitter usually serves the professional FM radio stations, such as city FM radio broadcasting, government FM radio broadcasting, or other commercial broadcasting. They require the coverage to be broad enough to attract more listeners and bring more benefits to the FM broadcasters.

Easy Maintenance

A continuously working FM transmitter can hardly avoid the risk of breaking down. To ensure the FM signals transmission, the operators need to fix the problem as quickly as possible. If the FM radio transmitter is modular designed, it is much easier for the worker to solve the issues.


We think the 5kw FM transmitter is the best high-power FM transmitter used in FM broadcasters based on the above factors. The next part will introduce why we believe the 5kw FM transmitter is the best choice.


Choosing the Best 5kw FM transmitter in 4 Steps

Step1: Find the Best Performance

The FM broadcasters or the government need to consider the balance point between the cost and performance of the broadcasting equipment. 5kw FM transmitter is just the best broadcasting equipment, especially for those Economic Broadcasting companies. In addition, a 5kw FM transmitter can fully cover a whole city and transmit good enough quality to the listeners.

Step2: Lower Energy Consumption

Compared with a 10kw FM transmitter or those with higher transmitting power, a 5kw FM transmitter consumes less power. At the same time, maybe It can not achieve 80% of the performance of a 10kW FM transmitter, but its cost will be much lower than 80% of the price of a 10kW FM transmitter.

Step3: Easier Maintenance

5kw FM transmitter is of modular design. It is equipped with the most frequently used and necessary module, so it wouldn't be too difficult to maintain. In addition, fewer modules mean it is lighter. Lighter equipment can save more transportation payments and take over less space.

Step4: Adaptation to Many Applications

The advanced and time-updating safe and protection is essential for a 5kw FM transmitter. With this function, you can leave it to broadcast for a long time without worrying. In addition, even those FM radio station operators from Southeast Asia and Africa can use 5kw FM transmitters without worrying about damage to the machine due to climate problems such as high temperature and humid air.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Q: What is a high-power FM transmitter?


A: A high-power FM transmitter is that which exceeds 100 Watt emitted isotropic radiated power. Compared with the low-power FM transmitter, they can transmit more powerful FM signals. They have a better capability of penetrating and reaching a farther place.


2. Q: How does an FM radio transmitter Work?


A: An FM radio transmitter works in 3 steps:

It receives the audio signals recorded in the studio.

It processes the audio signals and modulates them onto the carriers in a specific frequency. Now the audio signals have been transformed into FM signals.

The FM transmitting antenna would broadcast the FM signals to the FM radios within the coverage.


Simply put, an FM radio transmitter transmits the music content of your phone or other equipment to the FM radio, which gives you a mad jam.


3. Q: What is the frequency range used for FM radio transmission?


A: The FM transmission uses a frequency range from 88 to 108 MHz. The FM stations are assigned center frequencies at 200 kHz separation starting at 88.1 MHz, for a maximum of 100 stations.


4. Q: How much broadcasting equipment is needed to operate an FM radio station?


A: The minimum equipment to start on the FM radio station site is:


  • FM Broadcast Transmitter
  • FM Antenna
  • Antenna cables and connectors
  • RF cables


If you have other requirements, you can optionally add:


  • Microphone
  • Microphone stands
  • Microphone Processor
  • Audio Processor
  • The mixer
  • RDS Encoder
  • Computer with automation and playlist software
  • Computer Monitor
  • Broadcast desk and Furniture
  • Headphones
  • etc.




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