What FM Broadcasting Equipment Do You Need in Drive-in Church?

Drive-in Church has been one of the most popular broadcast services under the pandemic. But do you know what FM broadcasting equipment is needed and where to find the best supplier? This page includes the basic broadcast equipment you need for providing drive-in church services. Keep reading! 




Why Drive-in Church Broadcasting is Needed in 2021


The pandemic has been prevalent for a long time. People need to maintain their original living habits in new ways. For example, people go to church in the form of drive-in church, which returns to people's lives and becomes one of the most popular broadcast services under the pandemic. Why has drive-in church becomes so popular among the public?


  • Broadcast in the distance - In the past, people used to go into the church, sit together, face to face with the priest and listen to the sound of the priest reading the Bible. Now, people can go to church in the way of drive-in church without contacting others, preventing the risk of infection with the virus. 


  • Broadcast anything you want - With the help of the low power FM transmitter and other FM broadcasting equipment, you can broadcast anything you want, including some background music for soothing emotions, the voices of the priests, etc.



  • Everyone can hear clearly - Every believer would stay in cars and listen to the sounds through the car radios. Suppose you have an excellent audio function FM broadcast transmitter or other audio processing equipment. In that case, the listeners can clearly hear the sounds and adjust to the volume where they feel comfortable.


Best FM Broadcasting Equipment Used for a Drive-in Church


There are so many benefits of operating a drive-in church under the pandemic. But what radio broadcast equipment is needed for a drive-in church broadcasting? Here's what you need:

The Core Equipment: FM Broadcast Transmitter

  • What is it - FM broadcast transmitter is the core among all of the FM broadcasting equipment. It is used for converting the audio signals and modulating them onto the carriers in a specific frequency.


  • How it works - An FM broadcast transmitter can receive the audio input from any external sources, and convert the audio into an analog audio signal. The analog signals would be transformed into FM signals and modulated onto the carrier in a specific frequency.


  • Main types - In the aspect of transmitting power, it can be divided into low power FM transmitter (0.1 watts to 100 watts) and high power FM transmitte5r (higher than 100 watts). The low power FM transmitters are mainly used in drive-in church, drive-in movie theater, community radio broadcasting, education broadcasting, etc.


  • The best choice - If you need to buy an FM radio transmitter to build up a radio station for drive-in church, a 15 watts FM transmitter is the best choice for you. Our engineers explain to us with FU-15A, a 15 Watt transmitter:


How to Choose the Best FM Transmitter for Drive-in Church?

  • Reasonable price - A drive-in church won't take up too much area, so a 15 watts FM transmitter is your best choice. You can buy it for a bit of a fee that can fully meet your basic needs.


  • High-quality signals - Low prices doesn't mean it's poor performance. FU-15 A has a perfect performance in drive-in church. With the advanced PLL chip and audio processing technologies, it can transmit up to a radius of 2.6 miles and keep broadcasting at the same frequency without drifting. 


  • Easy for building up - Due to its humanized key design and simplified interface, you can build up the radio station and get the hang of it quickly. 

Signals Courier: FM Transmitting Antenna

  • What is it - The FM transmitting antenna is an essential part of FM broadcasting and it is used for radiating FM signals. An FM antenna can be used to improve the FM signals as well as change the intensity and direction of FM signals as desired.


  • How it works - The current representing the changes of sounds would be transferred to the FM antenna and surges back and forth across it. In this processing, the electric current creates radio waves and the FM antenna broadcasts it.


  • Main types - FM transmitting antennas can be divided into FM Ground Plane Antenna, FM Dipole antenna, and FM Circular Polarization antenna. You can choose them based on your needs of polarization.

Peripheral Audio Equipment

If you want to add some effects to the sounds being broadcast, you'll need more peripheral equipment to help you, and here's the list you need:


  • Audio Mixer;
  • Broadcast Satellite Receiver;
  • Stereo Audio Switcher;
  • Broadcast Audio Processor;
  • Rack AC Power Conditioner;
  • Monitor Headphones;
  • Rack Audio Monitor;
  • Digital FM Tuner;
  • etc.


The Best Radio Station Equipment Suppliers


FMUSER is one of the best FM broadcasting equipment manufacturers from China. We can provide the best FM broadcasting equipment packages for drive-in church, including a 15 watts FM broadcast transmitter for sale, FM antennas packages, etc. Furthermore, our customers not just buy our products but also our perfect services. If you need help in FM broadcasting, we'll give our professional advice to you as soon as possible.


You can buy the FM radio equipment here at the best prices, including FM broadcast transmitters for sale, FM antennas for sale, complete radio stations packages for sale, live streaming equipment for sale, and IPTV solutions. You can totally trust FMUSER, click here for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Q: What applications can a low-power FM transmitter be used in?


A: In addition to the Christmas light display, the low power FM transmitters can also be used in school broadcasting, supermarket broadcasting, farm broadcasting, factory notice, enterprise conference broadcasting, scenic spot broadcasting, advertising, music programs, News programs, outdoor live broadcast, live drama production, correctional facilities, real estate broadcasting, dealer broadcasting, etc.


2. Q: How much does it cost to launch a low-power FM radio station?


A: Overall, internet radio stations often have the lowest cost, whereas you can start up a low-power FM radio station for under $15,000 upfront. You can start with the minimum equipment that costs you hundreds of dollars and add the other ones in the future.


3. Q: What equipment do I need to start a low-power FM radio station?


A: If you want to start a low power FM radio station, the minimum equipment you need is:


  • An FM broadcast transmitter;
  • FM antennas packages;
  • RF cables;
  • Necessary accessories.


If you want to add more equipment to the FM radio station, here's the list of choices:


  • Audio mixer;
  • Audio processor;
  • Microphone;
  • Microphone stand;
  • BOP cover;
  • High-quality monitor speaker;
  • Headphones;
  • Headphones distributor;
  • etc.


4. Q: How does FM radio transmitter work in drive-in church?


A: It typically works in these steps:

1) The Operators would prepare the audio resources and input them into the FM radio transmitter.

2) The audio signals would be transferred into FM signals when passing through the FM radio transmitter.

3) Then the antenna would broadcast the FM signals outward.




In this blog, you know why drive-in church becomes so popular, and the best FM radio broadcasting equipment used in drive-in church. Do you have any idea of building up a radio station for drive-in church? FMUSER can help you with a complete FM radio transmitter package, including an FM radio transmitter for sale, and FM antennas packages, etc. If you need to buy any FM broadcasting equipment, contact us right now! 


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