FM Radio Transmitters Bring Movie Theatre and Church Back to the Cars


The COVID-19 affects all the countries in the world, and people have to comply with the hygiene and health rules, that keep social distance from others. But some broadcast equipment like FM transmitters for drive-in theatre makes pastors and audience are able to continue religious and entertainment events with low cost and convenience.


The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Changed the Rhymes of Our Life


This pandemic has restrained our life. Overlight we are restricted in our behavior, we have to keep a certain distance from others, and we must pay attention to our health at any time. Even worse, our scope of activities has shrunk to our home. No matters how common the activities, they are all not allowed, including outdoor, sports activities, going to the restaurant, bar, listening to the live concert.


Fortunately, FM transmitters for drive-in services can help us to experience the fun before the pandemic while complying with the new hygiene and health rules. And they are supplied by a lot of radio broadcast manufacturers like FMUSER. You can buy FM transmitters for drive-in services of high-quality and low cost here.


The FM Transmitters Bring Fun Back to Our Life


Social distance and quarantine have affected all the countries in the world. They suddenly pressed the pause button on the continually accelerating social community. Fortunately, some activities are slowly normalizing. For example, going to the cinema, listening to the live concert, participating in the religious ceremony. But it is unknown when it would return to normal completely. In addition, people have a certain degree of resistance to crowded places. There is an urgent need to reinvent the leisure activities that characterized our free time, even for simple things like watching a movie with friends, participating in a live concert or church life, or other religious ceremonies.


Technology combines religious life with entertainment. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the world has changed disruptively. The past ordinary events will return to our life in different ways with the help of FM radio transmitters and other technological products.


In compliance with the right restrictions imposed to overcome the health emergency by COVID-19, all popular activities were not allowed. After the outbreak of COVID-19, the prospect will not be as full of imagination as before, but full of uncertainty. Many activities were delayed or uncertain with the time of return. But drive-in movie theatre is the ideal solution that brings seeing movies, listening to live concerts, and so on back to people's lives in different ways, while complying with the hygiene and health rules. Now, a lot of people turn to buy FM transmitters for drive-in services during the pandemic.


Drive-in Broadcast Services in COVID-19


FM Transmitters for drive-in can be applied on Entertainment, Live concerts, Movies, Theatre, Religious Ceremonies, Church and Emergency Departments, Sport Events


What are the Advantages of Drive-in Broadcast Services?


With the protection of the passenger compartments, hygiene rules are respected to prevent any type of contagion by responding to the need for a well-deserved convivial moment of sharing comfortably seated in your car.


In the United States of the 50s, some pastors have published this model of the drive-in cinema. But it was not widely promoted at that time. The outbreak of COVID-19 makes the pastors pick up this model again by using FM radio transmitters for drive-in theatre or church and apply in a wide range, which gets a good response.


Radio Equipment Prepared for Drive-in Movie Theatre

A Parking Lot

You need a place that is allowed dozens of or hundreds of cars to park at your theatre. In addition, the space allowed cars to pass through is need to be taken into account.

Projectors and Screens

If you are about to release movies exclusively in digital format, digital projectors will be essential for your drive-in theaters. This will be one of your larger expenses.

An FM Radio Transmitter

To buy FM Transmitters for drive-in theatre, complete with antenna, cables, and connectors at the service of the pastor ensures the reception of the stage of the religious altar, or the live concert, or the movie.


In terms of the audience, they just need to tune their car radio to a certain frequency.


FMUSER provides FM Radio Transmitters for drive-in theatre for purchase of high quality and competitive prices. Complete Religious Broadcast Solutions or church solutions to meet your needs are offered as well.


If you are intended to buy FM Radio Transmitters for drive-in church or theatre, or you want to know more details or selection advice, please free to contact us.


Why Use an FM Broadcast Transmitter in Movie Theatre or Church Events?


  • All the cars have a car radio with the sound of high fidelity and optimum quality.
  • Actually, audiences are able to enjoy it with a better experience without preparing anything else.
  • FM Transmitter is the most reliable and cheap equipment known nowadays.
  • The maximum amount of audience depends exclusively on the power set on the FM Transmitter. That is the larger the covered area, the more audience.
  • Receiving the sound on the own radio guarantees social distance from other spectators, complying with the hygiene and health rules.


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