4 Main Applications of FM Broadcast Transmitters


FM broadcasting is a way of radio broadcasting. Compared with other ways of radio broadcasting, it can restore the original sound more accurately and less be interfered with due to the adoption of frequency modulation. Therefore, with the help of an FM broadcast transmitter, you can provide broadcasting services. Specifically, what applications are FM broadcast transmitters used in? This share will list it for you. If you think this article is useful, please share it with your friends.


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What is an FM Radio Transmitter?


FM broadcast transmitter is a kind of electronic device that transmits radio waves. It converts audio signals to radio signals and transmits radio signals with the help of an FM antenna. Its transmitting power can reach as low as 0.1 watts and as high as tens of thousands of watts. As the transmitting power would affect the coverage and signal penetration capability of the FM broadcast transmitter.


Therefore, FM radio transmitters with different transmitting power will be applied in different applications based on different needs. It can be said that FM radio transmitter is the core of FM broadcasting. So, what specific applications are FM broadcast transmitters used in?


The Applications of FM Radio Transmitters


As the core equipment in transmitting audio signals, the FM broadcast transmitter can be used in any applications that need to transmit sound. We will provide you with a list of applications that may use FM broadcast transmitters here, and focus on several of them. 

Drive-in Broadcasting Services

In the Drive-in Broadcasting Services, there are typically drive-in movie theater, drive-in church, and drive-in concert, etc. It allows people to watch movies, worship, and go to concerts as usual without contacting others closely.


Here, the event organizer will prepare a computer or other external equipment to input the audio signals into the FM broadcast transmitter. Then FM radio transmitter would transform the audio signals into radio signals, and transmit them through the FM antenna. And the listeners can receive the radios signals and listen to the radio programs through the car radios or MP3 players, etc.

Christmas Light Display Broadcasting

In a perfect Christmas light display, there should be not only Christmas lights, but also matched music. Not only the audience viewing in the light show, but also passers-by and cars passing by can watch the beautiful lights, listen to Christmas music, and enjoy the nice Christmas Eve.


Here, the assistance of an FM radio transmitter is indispensable. You can put your selected Christmas songs into your USB flash drive or computer, and then connect them to the FM radio transmitter with the audio cable. After connecting the FM antenna well and turning on the power, people around can listen to Christmas music. At the same time, you can also connect the light control box and FM radio transmitter with the audio cable to make your Christmas lights flash as your music rhythm.

FM Radio Stations

For broadcasters or large radio stations, both need FM radio stations to broadcast the recorded programs. FM radio stations cover the radio programs signals to a city or a larger area, the audience within the coverage can listen to the radio programs with FM radios.


FM radio stations are equipped with high-power FM broadcast transmitters (up to thousands of watts or tens of thousands of watts). The radio station staff will input the audio signals into the FM radio transmitter through the audio cable. The audio signals will be transformed into radio signals and transmitted to every corner of the city through the FM antenna. Then the public can listen to the radio programs of the broadcasters.

Education Broadcasting

When we are students, even during class hours, it is hard to avoid being disturbed by the noise outside the classroom. But FM broadcast transmitter solves the problem.


In the field of education, FM radio transmitter still takes the role of audio transmission. But its more important role is to reduce noise. If the content of classes is broadcast by FM broadcast transmitters, and the students listen to the classes through FM receivers like MP3 players, most of the noise will be isolated, and the sound will be clearer. Similarly, for a student with hearing impairment, if he uses a hearing aid with FM receiving function, it will greatly help him live a normal life. 

Other Applications

In addition to these four broadcast applications, FM broadcast transmitters can also be used in school broadcasting, supermarket broadcasting, farm broadcasting, factory notice, scenic spot broadcasting, enterprise conference broadcasting, advertising, music programs, News programs, outdoor live broadcast, live drama production, correctional facilities, real estate broadcasting, dealer broadcasting, etc.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: What are the Benefits of Using FM Broadcast Transmitters?

A: FM broadcast transmitter can transmit high-quality audio signals and cost a little.

Let's describe it in detail:


  • An FM broadcast transmitter is easy to use even for a novice, and it costs a little to operate.
  • It has a high working efficiency.
  • It can remove most of the noise signals in the audio signals.
  • It can broadcast FM signals in a large range and people can keep a distance.

2. Q: Why FM is Used in Radio Broadcasting?

A: Compared with AM, FM performs better in audio transmission and anti signals interference.


In detail, it has the following advantages:


  • The audio signals have higher SNR;
  • Smaller geographical interference between neighbouring FM stations;
  • It consumes less power for transmission;
  • Well defined service areas for given transmitter power.

3. Q: What is a Low-power FM Station?

A: It means an FM radio station working with lower than 100 watts.


The low-power FM radio station works with less than 100 watts and transmits a range of around three to five miles. It is an important form of radio broadcasting.

4. Q: Is it Legal to Operate a Low-power FM Station?

A: It is hard to answer and you should consult the local FM&TV broadcasting administration.


Different countries differ in the regulations on radio broadcasting. Some countries are strict with the operation of low-power FM stations, including the transmitting power and services range.


Ready for Providing FM Broadcasting Services?


Speaking of which, we know that FM broadcast transmitters can be used in various applications. It must be a good helper if you want to provide broadcasting services. Typically, a better FM broadcast transmitter is more expensive, but you can still find a reliable radio broadcast equipment manufacturer to help you when you have a limited budget. Such as FMUSER, we have decades of experience in radio broadcasting, and we can provide you with the best FM broadcast transmitters at budget prices. If you need to buy FM broadcast transmitters, feel free to contact us.



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