Notices Before Buying A FM Broadcast Transmitter

“If you're a rookie who is looking for quality-assured FM broadcast equipment but not sure how to choose one, you'd better see this buying tutorial before making your final decision.”

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If you want to initiate a private FM radio station project, and want to buy some professional or amateur FM radio studio equipment, then you have so many things to consider about. FMUSER hereby prepared a radio equipment purchase guide which will be divided into the following aspects, let's have a look!


Brands of FM Broadcast Equipment:

Before we add the FM broadcast device we want to the shopping cart and pay for it, we need to carefully screen the brand of the broadcast device


Famous FM broadcasting equipment manufacturers have their "pronouns" in the industry. For example, Rohde Schwarz's broadcasting equipment may be the synonym for "the world's top, excellent quality" and other high-quality broadcasting equipment, but it may also be a less satisfactory pronoun such as "expensive cost and low popularity".


It is self-evident that choosing a good FM broadcasting equipment manufacturer brand is very important. Besides the great advantages in price, good FM broadcasting equipment is also excellent in equipment performance. If you want your radio audience to receive super high-quality audio signals from your radio station, you need more than just a Mai Mai Kefeng is so simple that you need to add these very basic radio equipment to your radio station:


  • FM Radio Transmitter
  • FM Radio Receiver
  • FM Radio Antenna
  • Audio Processor
  • Audio Mixer
  • Speakers
  • Cables

Of course, in addition to the above radio equipment, there are quite a number of radio equipment. I will not list them one by one. If you need complete and customized FM radio equipment, please contact us, we will manufacture and sell all the radio equipment you need


Price of FM Broadcast Equipment

Many buyers are daunting in the face of expensive radio equipment because these prices are not in line with their purchase budget. A large proportion of buyers want to buy very professional radio equipment, such as the 100 watt FM broadcast transmitter, through lower prices, which often need less than those of many radio equipment manufacturers In response, because the production cost of these radio equipment is very high, many buyers have to give up buying these expensive radio equipment and hope that a producer of low budget radio equipment can solve the difficulties for them.


FMUSER, as a low-budget and high-quality FM radio equipment manufacturer in the special industry, just makes up for the broadcasting equipment industry The high-cost defects can also help you reduce unnecessary cost expenses by customizing the broadcast equipment combination that meets your budget and actual needs.


Performance of FM Broadcast Equipment

This part refers to the performance of the broadcast equipment product itself. Taking FM radio transmitter as an example, we suggest that you pay more attention to these points before you buy it:


Is there an automatic protection mechanism for the FM broadcast transmitter ?

The general protection mechanism refers to whether the FM transmitter will automatically start the alarm, send out a beep and enter the protection mode when the body is overheated or the standing wave ratio is too high? This is particularly critical for radio stations that need to run for hours. If there is no automatic protection mechanism, the FM radio transmitter is likely to burn down, which you don't want to happen.


Is the FM broadcast transmitter well maneuverable ?

The maneuverability of the transmitter is reflected in the best balance achieved by fully automatic operation of the machine system and manual option adjustment. Before purchasing an FM broadcast transmitter, you should ask the sales personnel some key questions, such as whether the screen sensitivity is enough? Can I achieve a one-click operation? Whether the transmitter power is adjustable, etc., to avoid the wrong board after purchase.


Can the FM transmitter cover the range you want to cover ?

Whether you are a rookie or a veteran of radio, you should know that the coverage of an FM radio transmitter is often closely related to its power size and antenna installation height, especially the transmitter power often determines its basic coverage. If you are not clear which FM radio transmitters and antennas are the most suitable for your radio station, please contact us. We will customize the best FM broadcast transmitter combination package for you.


After-Sales Service of FM Broadcast Equipment

After-sales service can be said to be the only way to get more information about any product (including FM broadcasting equipment of course) after you purchase any product. Good after-sales service can help you solve any problems about the sold products, but also increase the trust of customers in the brand, especially for professional broadcast equipment manufacturers who pay attention to customer experience like FMUSER. After-sales service is our key service. We can help you to solve the problem of return, repair, and update of our branded broadcast equipment perfectly, and save you time.


Transportation of FM Broadcast Equipment

You should take into account how the goods are sent to your radio station after purchasing the broadcasting equipment. This is related to the seller of the broadcasting equipment and how far away you are. You can choose to transport by road, sea or air. The cost of different transportation methods is different, and the risks borne by both parties are not consistent. Taking our FM radio transmitter as an example, we will choose to send the goods by sea The broadcast equipment will be delivered to you by transportation. Before shipment, our packing personnel will check the outer packaging repeatedly to ensure that the broadcast equipment you buy will not be damp. You can also choose the way you need to transport goods. Please contact us!


OK, the above is the notice you need to know when buying FM broadcasting equipment. If you have a better idea, welcome to comment!

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