Top 5 FM Radio Transmitter for Drive-in Broadcasting in 2021


If you ask where to have fun on the weekend, why not go to the drive-in concert? The drive-in broadcast services have been one of the most popular entertainments at the moment. Do you want to build up a drive-in FM radio station? Fortunately, we will get a list of the 5 best FM radio transmitters for drive-in broadcasting in 2021 for you. If you are looking for the best FM broadcast transmitter for you, you can't miss this blog.


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What Should We Know about FM Broadcast Transmitter?


FM broadcast transmitter is a radio broadcasting equipment for transmitting audio signals in the FM frequency range. It can connect with a lot of equipment to receive audio signals and broadcast them to the air, and people can hear them through FM radios.  


Typically, an FM broadcast transmitter ranges from 0.1w to 10kW and broadcasts in the frequency range of 87.5MHz to 108.5 MHz. But the available frequency range differs a little in different countries.


At last but not least, in addition to drive-in broadcasting services, an FM broadcast transmitter can widely use it in these applications:


  • Christmas light display broadcasting
  • School broadcasting
  • Supermarket broadcasting
  • Farm broadcasting
  • Factory notice broadcasting
  • FM radio stations
  • etc.


The Benefits of Using FM Broadcast Transmitter

Broadcast in a Distance

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it's essential to avoid the risk of infecting the virus. With the help of an FM broadcast transmitter, people can enjoy their time in cars without touching others in drive-in broadcasting services.

Broadcast Everything You Want

Not only can it broadcast music, but it also broadcasts everything you want, including your voice, the sound of the movie, and stories programs, etc. With the help of an FM radio broadcast transmitter, you are allowed to hold a drive-in church, drive-in movie theater, and drive-in concert, etc. It depends on you!

Enjoy High-quality Sound

As FM radio transmitter broadcasts FM signals in the VHF range of radio frequencies, it can broadcast high-fidelity FM signals. In addition, with the help of audio processing technologies, it can remove the noise and make the music or voice crystal.


Top 5 FM Radio Transmitters for Drive-in Broadcasting

YoleShy 0.5W FM Radio Stereo Station with Antenna 



If you are looking for a mini FM radio transmitter with excellent sound quality, the YoleShy 0.5W FM radio stereo station may be what you need.


It is highlighted characterized by:


  • High-quality stereo - It is equipped with a high-quality stereo power amplifier; it can transmit unparalleled stereo signals, which are suitable for drive-in services, Christmas parties broadcast, and other public broadcast services.


  • Built-in PLL chip - It helps transmit high-quality signals over a long distance at the same frequency stably.


  • Excellent heat dissipation and portability - The aluminium alloy shell makes it have an excellent heat dissipation effect and is portable.


  • Easy Setup - It's effortless to set up when starting up the FM radio transmitter. Even if you are a novice, you can quickly finish the setup process in 5 minutes.


FMUSER FU-7C PLL Stereo FM Broadcast Transmitter with Adjustable Power


If you just need an FM radio transmitter but don't know what's the best choice for yourself, you can take this high-quality universal FM radio transmitter FU-7C from FMUSER into account.


It is highlighted characterized by:


  • High audio quality - It has a reasonable control circuit board design and amplifier design, so it can broadcast high fidelity FM signals and ensure the audio quality.


  • Stable transmission - Thanks to the built-in PLL technology, it can ensure long-distance and stable signal transmission.


  • Adjustable power mode - The output power can be adjusted to 1W or 7W, you can choose different output levels based on your situation.


  • Long-range transmission - It can transmit a distance of 0.6 - 1.2 miles, which can be used in drive-in services, school radio, and other public broadcast services.


FS CZH-05B - Newly Revised 0.5W Fail-Safe Long Range FM Transmitter

Is the FM broadcast transmitter setup too complicated for you? Don't worry, and this FM radio transmitter is designed for everyone. Even FM radio station newbies can easily operate this FM broadcast transmitter.


It is Highlighted characterized by:


  • Easy operation - With the easy-to-use virtual Plug & Playability, everyone can easily set up the FM transmitter and get the hang of it in 5 minutes.


  • Easy frequency adjustment - You can easily adjust the working frequency range from 88.0 MHz to 108.0 MHz through a button.


  • Abundant interfaces - It is equipped with multiple input interfaces of 3.5mm, RCA, and Mic, which allows the use of a variety of external devices to broadcast your favorite content.


  • Long time broadcasting - The FM broadcast transmitter is equipped with a new TNC antenna, and people can listen to your radio station at any time. The antenna promotes 7/24 wireless broadcasting.

Elikliv 0.5W FM Broadcast Transmitter for Church


The frequency range of 88.0 MHz - 108.0 MHz can't meet your needs? What about this FM transmitter? There are four frequency ranges available to meet different needs.


It is Highlighted characterized by:


  • Various frequency range available - It allows people to choose different frequency ranges of the FM radio transmitter based on different situations, including 76 - 110MHz, 86 - 90MHz, 95 - 108MHz, 87 - 108MHz.


  • High-quality transmission - BH1415 transmitting chip made in Japan is built inside, which ensures the FM transmitter can broadcast high-quality FM signals. In addition, it can broadcast a distance of up to 1000 feet.


  • Excellent audio quality - It has 3 excellent performance amplifiers inside, so it can ensure the high-quality audio transmission and give the listeners a good listening experience.


  • Excellent heat dissipation and portability - The shell of the FM radio transmitter is made of aluminium, so it has an excellent capability of heat dissipation and is very portable.


FMUSER FU-15A - Professional FM Radio Broadcast Transmitter for Drive-in Church

If you need a professional FM broadcast radio transmitter for drive-in services broadcasting, FU-15A from FMUSER is just what you are looking for.


It is Highlighted characterized by:


  • Excellent Transmission Quality - One of the most advanced chips BH1415 is built inside the FM radio transmitter, it can help the FM broadcasting transmitter realize the functions of the PLL advanced modulation system, audio pre-emphasis, limiter, and low-pass filter circuit, and ensure the stability of transmitter broadcasting and the high quality of the audio signal. 


  • 5-stage power amplification - It makes FU-15A differ from other FM radio transmitters, and comes with crystal sound and perfect stereo quality. With this professional FM radio broadcast transmitter, you can hold an excellent drive-in concert.


  • User-friendliness - It is equipped with a clear and straightforward LCD panel and friendly designed buttons. Even for an FM radio station newbies can get the hang of it and finish the setting of the FM radio transmitter in a short time.


  • Excellent heat dissipation and portability - The aluminium shell makes the FM radio transmitter an excellent heat dissipation capability and is very portable. In addition, the built-in silent fan can quickly take away the heat and guarantee the stability of the FM radio transmitter under long-time operation.


How to Choose the Best FM Radio Transmitters?

User Friendly

Building up an FM radio station for drive-in broadcasting maybe is not easy for a newbie. A friendly product design can help operators build up FM radio stations quickly and save time. In addition, it costs less time when the operators prepare for broadcasting new movies or music.

Perform Well

Performance can be divided into various aspects, such as the transmitting power, heat dissipation capability, high-quality transmission, etc. Perfect performance means the FM radio transmitter can attract more audience for you and provide an enjoyable time for the audience.

High Compatibility

The transmitter you choose should be able to connect to a broad range of devices. In this way, no matter what kind of equipment you choose, your FM radio transmitter can broadcast, and the drive-in broadcast services can work normally. After all, no one will like an FM transmitter that supports only one device, which will be very troublesome.

Frequency Range

A suitable FM radio transmitter comes with a frequency range of 88.0MHz to 108.0MHz, widely used worldwide. In addition, a complete frequency range of FM allows the frequency adjustment of your FM radio station to avoid noise and signals interference.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Q: Where to get my FM broadcasting equipment?


A: You should find a brand that is worth trusting. For example, as an expert in the radio broadcasting industry, FMUSER can provide you with complete FM radio transmitter packages at the best prices, click here for more information. You can totally trust us and contact us right now!

2. Q: What can I broadcast on my FM radio station?

A: The programs you broadcast totally depend on you! You can broadcast the music, concert, drama, movie voices, talk shows, even your voices, etc. But you should notice the local regulation on FM broadcasting, and perhaps it is not allowed some programs without licenses.


3. Q: How can I reduce FM transmitter noise?


A: In this case, you probably need to improve the transmission quality. There are 3 ways are available:


  • Place the FM transmitting antenna higher
  • Choose the best FM transmitting antenna
  • Choose the best FM radio transmitter


4. Q: How does the FM radio transmitter work?


A: FM radio transmitter transforms the audio received from other equipment, such as your computer, MP3 player, to FM signals. Then the signals would be transferred to the FM transmitting antenna and be broadcast to the listeners.




We sincerely hope this blog can help you choose the best FM radio transmitter. Speaking of which, do you have any idea to build an FM radio station for drive-in services? FMUSER can provide you with the best turnkey solution at the best prices, including a professional FM radio broadcast transmitter for drive-in, FM transmitting antenna, antenna cables and connectors, and other necessary accessories. If you need to buy any FM broadcasting equipment, please feel free to contact us!


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