What's The Best Commercial FM Radio Transmitter?

What's the Best Commercial FM Radio Transmitter ?

FM radio transmitter is the core of every commercial broadcasting company, because the purpose of the radio station is to cover a certain area and transmit the radio signal to every receiver, such as radio. FM transmitter is the electronic equipment that transmits radio signals.


What Is An FM Radio Transmitter ?

In radio broadcasting, commercial FM radio transmitter is undoubtedly the most important equipment, because it is responsible for converting the voice of the announcer and the voice of other broadcast contents into radio signals, and broadcasting them to the receiver of the whole listening area through the antenna. In a radio station, your microphone may not be good enough, or you may not have an audio processor and mixer to make the sound better, but if there is no FM radio transmitter, or its coverage is not enough, you will not be able to broadcast your voice outside.


The power of FM radio transmitter ranges from 1W to 10kW. It often works together with FM antenna and other audio input and output equipment, such as microphone, radio, mixer, sound processor, etc. Ideally, depending on the power and other factors, the FM transmitter can cover a radius ranging from hundreds of meters to tens of kilometers. Therefore, it has a wide range of uses. It can be used for community broadcasting, drive in service, professional radio stations, and so on.


This is especially true for commercial broadcasting companies. They must buy transmitters with excellent performance to ensure that their broadcasting range is large enough and the radio signal is stable enough, so as to provide the best broadcasting services to the audience and stand out among many commercial broadcasting companies. So what kind of FM broadcast transmitter is most suitable for broadcasting companies? The following will tell you in detail.


What Kind of Transmitter Is Most Suitable For Commercial Use ?

When it comes to commercial broadcasting, what keywords do you think of ? Large coverage, excellent sound quality, very long broadcasting time, professional broadcasting equipment. These are all right. If broadcasters want to build such a radio station, they need an FM transmitter with excellent performance. Such FM broadcasting transmitter shall meet these conditions.


The broadcasting range is large enough - a commercial radio station can cover an entire city, which means that it may need a coverage range of tens of kilometers, so you may need a transmitter with a power of hundreds of watts or even kilowatts. If you want to know how wide a transmitter with different power can cover, click here to learn more.


In which frequency band- This is a very important issue. Most countries in the world use 87.5 - 108.0 MHz as commercial broadcasting frequency band, but some countries use other frequency bands as commercial broadcasting frequency band. For example, Japan uses the 76.0 - 95.0 MHz band, while some countries in Eastern Europe use the 65.8 - 74.0 MHz band. The operating frequency of the transmitter you buy needs to meet the commercial frequency band range allowed in your country.


Ensure the high quality of sound - you need to by FM radio transmitter with good enough sound quality. You can select according to this standard. The SNR is greater than 40dB, the stereo separation is greater than 40dB, and the distortion is less than 1%. The sound noise transmitted by the transmitter meeting these standards will be relatively small. The transmitter should also be equipped with DSP / DDS digital technology to process sound, because the sound quality will be greatly improved.


There may be some abstractions. Let's give an example, fmuser's fu618f-1000c FM broadcast stereo transmitter. Thanks to its 75db SNR and 60dB stereo separation, only 0.05% distortion rate, and equipped with the latest DSP and DDP digital technology, it has become one of fmuser's best-selling commercial FM broadcasting transmitters, and has been highly praised such as "high sound quality" and "low noise".


Long time broadcasting - commercial radio stations mean that you can't make mistakes, such as sudden sound failure for a few seconds, which will greatly affect the reputation and profit of the broadcasting company. Therefore, in order to broadcast stably and for a long time, the transmitter needs to be equipped with these technologies:

  • PLL enables the transmitter to work stably at one frequency for a long time without frequency drift
  • Hot plug allows the transmitter to replace damaged and faulty modules without stopping broadcasting

When the main transmitter fails, the N + 1 system will automatically start the standby transmitter to ensure the normal operation of the radio station. This may not fully cover all the needs of a commercial radio station. If you work in a commercial radio station and need to put forward other broadcasting needs, please contact the engineer team of fmuser, and we will answer your questions according to your actual situation.


You Also Need An Reliable Supplier

Commercial broadcasting companies not only need excellent equipment, but also need a reliable equipment supplier to provide you with perfect after-sales service to avoid problems in the process of use. At the same time, choosing suitable suppliers can also save you a lot of costs. For commercial radio and television, it is very important to reduce the cost. Why not choose fmuser? Fmuser is a reliable provider of radio broadcasting equipment and solutions, which can provide you with high-quality and low-cost FM broadcasting transmitter package for commercial radio stations. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us! We will make you feel that your needs are heard and understood.

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