4 Best Buying Tips for 100 Watt FM Transmitter

4 best buying tips for 100 watt fm transmitter

Today, with the epidemic becoming more and more serious, the drive-in movie theater is becoming more and more popular worldwide. It allows people to enjoy the movie time outside with friends and family without worrying about the risk of infection. Therefore, it is also an excellent choice to start a drive-in movie business.


However, do you know how to choose the best FM transmitter for drive in movie? Luckily, to help you start your drive in movie business, we summarize the 4 main practical tips on choosing the best 100 watt FM transmitter for drive in movie. In addition, we also introduce what an FM radio transmitter is to help you have a better understanding of it.


If you are eager for help in choosing the best 100 watt FM transmitter, this share would be helpful for you. Let's keep reading!


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What is an FM Radio Transmitter?


FM broadcast transmitter is one of the most essential equipments of FM broadcasting. It can transmit FM signals to specific areas with FM broadcast antennas and provide FM broadcasting services to the people there. What's more, it has various transmitting power levels and applications.


  • Transmitting power - FM radio transmitter's transmitting power ranges from 0.1W to 10kW. According to different transmitting power levels, they would be used in different applications. For example, the FM transmitter in drive in movie usually has the transmitting power above 50 watts.


  • Common applications - The common applications for FM radio transmitters include drive in movie theater, drive in church, drive in concerts, school radio, Christmas light show, factory radio, community radio, professional radio stations, commercial radio stations, etc. For example, if you are about to start a drive in movie theater, the 100 watt FM transmitter would be your best choice.


  • Broadcasting method - Do you know how an FM transmitter works? Let's take the drive in movie broadcasting services as an example. The operators will adjust the movie sound first; then the storage device with movies input the audio signals into the FM transmitter; at last the FM transmitter would broadcast the audio signals through the FM broadcast antennas.


So if you want to provide the best drive in movie FM broadcasting services, you need to find the best 100 watt FM transmitter.


people are watching movies in a drive-in theater with the sound broadcasting from inside their cars


4 Best Buying Tips for 100 Watt FM Transmitter


Now let's follow the tips below and choose the best 100 watt FM transmitter for drive in movie!

Budget Prices

100 watt FM transmitter price varies from $1000 to $2000, which meets with different budget levels and requirements. So you need to ensure the 100 watt FM transmitter price won't exceed your budget. But a fitted price doesn't mean you have to reduce your drive in movie broadcasting requirements. In a word, you should buy the most budget 100 watt FM transmitter.

Top Sound Quality

A high-quality FM Transmitter, for example, a 100 watt FM transmitter FSN-100B from FMUSER, usually provides a better sound quality with some of the most important audio processing techniques for FM transmitter such as pre-emphasis, which means a better user experience. That's why you should be aware of the tech specs info of an FM broadcast transmitter such as SNR, distortion rate, stereo separation, etc. With such a top sound quality, it allows a CD-level broadcasting sound enjoyment from the radio station to your customers, and to their radio programs listeners. Imagine how amazing it could be broadcasting with an FMUSER FSN-100B FM broadcast transmitter.

Broad Compatibility

To meet different broadcasting needs, the FM transmitter for drive in movie should be broad compatibility. For example, if you need to input digital audio signals, the FM transmitter should be equipped with AEU / EBU interfaces; if you want to add some texts information to the subcarrier, SCA / RDS interfaces are needed.

Easy Operation

Most of us are not engineers. Therefore, the FM radio transmitter with a simple operation is necessary. The 100 watt FM transmitter equipped with an LCD screen would be your best choice. You can easily learn about the real-time working state of the FM transmitter and adjust the parameters on it in time.


The above are the 4 best useful buying tips for 100 watt FM transmitter for drive in movie. Actually, they are also made available for choosing FM transmitters with other transmitting powers. With decades of experience in FM broadcasting, FMUSER summarizes these 4 practical tips to help you better start up your drive in movie business. We not only provide the best 100 watt FM transmitter for sale but also the best FM transmitter for drive in with transmitting power varies from 30 watts to 500 watts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: How Far Will a 100 Watt FM Transmitter Cover?

A: The FM signals can reach around 12 miles away.


If the FM transmitter has an ERP of 100 Watt, it can broadcast to around 12 miles away. But this result is not reliable, because the FM signals coverage depends on many factors, ERP, the gain and height of the FM broadcast antenna, weather, obstacles, etc.

2. Q: What is the Definition of a Low-power FM Radio Station?

A: It refers to those FM radio stations working with an ERP lower than 100 watts.


A low-power FM radio station usually transmits with an ERP lower than 100 watts, and it is an important form of FM broadcasting. Not only drive in movie theater, but also the other drive in services, community radio, school radios, etc. all are low-power FM radio stations. 

3. Q: How Does an FM Transmitter for Drive in Movie Work?

A:  The FM transmitter usually works in 3 steps in drive in movie theatre: Receiving the audio signals, transferring them into FM stereo signals, and transmitting them outward through FM broadcast antenna.


Let's learn about how does the FM radio transmitter work in drive in movie in detail:


  • The operator would prepare computers with audio documents and input the audio signals into the FM radio transmitter.
  • The audio signals would be transferred into FM stereo signals after a few steps of processing.
  • Then the FM broadcast antenna would broadcast the FM signals outward.

4. Q: Is Drive-in Movie Theater Broadcasting Legal?

A: In most cases, it is illegal. But you can apply for a licence to avoid the fine.


If you are not sure if your drive in movie theater is legal, you'd better check out your local radio broadcasting regulations in detail. Once you break the rules, you probably face fine.




In this share, we learn what is an FM radio transmitter and the advantages of the 100 watt FM transmitter. Learning more about the best 100 watt FM transmitter for drive in movie can help you choose the best FM transmitter for you, and better start your drive in movie theater business. FMUSER is a professional FM broadcasting equipment supplier, we can provide you with the best 100 watt FM transmitter kit, including 100 watt FM transmitter for sale, FM antenna packages, etc. to help you start up the drive in movie business. If you want more about the FM transmitter for drive in movie, please feel free to contact us!


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