FM Antennas

FMUSER's FM antenna series includes dozens of best-selling affordable circular elliptical polarization FM antennas and dipole FM antennas and FM antenna product combinations, which is one of the core products of FMUSER‘s FM broadcasting solution. The dipole antenna is a radio antenna made of aluminum, copper, and bronze tubes, and its center is equipped with a driving element. It consists of two metal conductors of a rod, parallel and collinear (in line with each other), with a small distance between them. The dipole antenna is a particularly important form of a radiofrequency antenna and has been widely used in radio transmission and reception applications. The circularly polarized antenna has the characteristics of shape-preserving, lightweight, small size and low cost, so it has a very important position in the field of wireless communication. The series of RF FM antennas have stable audio signal transmission capability, and a variety of frequencies can be adjusted and selected. Installation and operation are very simple. Because of the different polarization modes, our FM antenna series have different product capabilities. The number of FM antenna layers ranges from 1 to 8. Different types of FM antennas can be shared with FM transmitters with power levels from 0.1W to 10kW. Due to its excellent performance and cost performance, this series of FM antennas are favored by FM radio enthusiasts, FM radio engineers, and other amateur or professional groups. At the same time, it is also widely used in various scales of public FM broadcasting scenes or private FM broadcasting scenes, such as drive-in cinema, drive-in church service, drive-in nucleic acid detection test, large and small living activities or various sports live commentary, etc.






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