FMUSER Solid State 10000 Watt FM Transmitter FU618F for FM Radio Station


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Why FU618F 10000 Watt FM Transmitter?

If you're running a high power FM radio station or planning to build one, but have no idea on choosing which brands of FM transmitter for the transmission, then you may need this solid state 10KW FM transmitter - FMUSER FU618F.

A Truly Professional 10000 Watt FM Transmitter for Broadcast Station

This is definitely the best solid-state 10KW FM transmitter with amazing performance, it is popular among:


  • Professional FM radio stations at provincial, municipal, and township levels
  • Medium and large FM radio stations with ultra-wide coverage
  • Professional FM radio station with over millions of audience
  • Radio operators who want to buy large professional FM radio transmitters at a low cost


Whether in terms of broadcast performance or service life, this 10KW FM transmitter can assure you and your customers the best FM broadcast experience.


In addition to this, we will also provide online technical support to protect your FM radio station from head to toes, discover your station potential, and play the best ability of this solid-state 10KW FM transmitter to the extreme. 

Possibly the Most Low Cost 10000 Watt FM Transmitter in the Marketing

You may google that "What is the 10 KW FM transmitter price?", well, most answers will say, around $100,000, truly expensive isn't it? 


But not for FMUSER FU618F FM transmitter 10KW.


The 10 KW FM transmitter price of FU618F 10000 watt FM transmitter is only $38,700 (not included shipping) - a much lower price but still has a strong broadcast performance the same as or better than elenos 10KW FM transmitter


FU618 FM transmitter 10KW combines the characters of both the budget price and high-quality, it can be compared to with the Rohde & Schwarz high power FM transmitters but with only half of or one-fifth (even less)  of the same cost as Rohde & Schwarz transmitters have. 


You will acquire the best 10 KW FM transmitter price from FMUSER, if you want to know more, we also offer a diverse radio station solution for your reference and make sure that every single manufacturing progress, re-processing progress, transportation progress is with quality assurance.

Other Highlight of FU618F 10000 Watt FM Transmitter

  • Twelve Units 1KW hotplug RF power modules. Total output power is extremely stable thanks to AGC (Automatic Gain Control).
  • Ten units 2.5KVA switched power supply modules working parallel.
  • 12-way High-efficiency combiner with patent technology.
  • Two All-digital 30W exciters with switcher used to drive each module directly(optional).
  • Analog and digital(AES/EBU) audio signal input directly.
  • This FM transmitter 10KW has an 8-inch Color LCD with touch panel to display all the parameters in real-time.
  • Five kinds of protection methods by MCU, like over Pf, over SWR, over Temp, Voltage, Current.
  • Real hot-plug structure, the modules can be repairing in non-stop condition.
  • RS232/RS485 Communication interface ready for the remote system.
Term Spec
Frequency Range 87.0 MHz - 108 MHz
Frequency Setting step 10 kHz
Carrier Frequency precision 200 Hz
Residual Wave Radiation 75 dBc
Analog Audio Input Impedance 600 Ω, Balance
AES/EBU digital audio input impedance 110 ohm, Balance
Separation 50 dB,30 Hz - 15 kHz
Audio Input Level -10 dBm - 10 dBm, step 0.01 dB
S/N 75 dB (1 kHz, 100% modulation)
Audio Harmonic Distortion 0.10%
Audio response 0.1 dB (10 Hz - 15 kHz)
Output Load Impedance 50 Ω
Output Power 0 - 10 KW
Pre-emphasis 0 μS, 50 μS, 75 μS
Deviation ±75 kHz
Pilot Frequency 19 kHz; 1 Hz
RF Output Interface 3+1/8′
Size (mm) 144 (W) x 1950 (H) x 900 (D)
Weight 550 kg
The shipping cost was roughly calculated, please consult us about the freight before placing an order. 

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