FMUSER CA200 FM Antenna With Suction Pad for Car


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The FMUSER CA200 is a high-quality FM Antenna for the car. The rod of the antenna is waterproof and antirust for it is made of stainless steel, which guarantees the using life expectancy of the product. With adjustable frequency from 76-108 MHz, the speeds of the vehicle can be up to 120km/h within the antenna's safe range. Except for the 110mm's suction pad, we also have a high-quality spring placed on the bottom part of the antenna rod so as to enable the antenna to flexibly stick with the vehicle while there is a low height entrance of the garage, or branches of trees stretched out low.


Bendable in connecting part.

8 meters SYV-50-5 Pure Copper RF feeder cable.

Screw-in and out to adjust the frequency.

Stainless steel material, anti-rust.

CA200 is the upgrading version of the CA100 Car FM antenna, it has higher reliability in performance and can stand with RF power up to 150 Watts.

Stainless steel material, anti-rust, anti-rain, flexible.

A Flexible spring base enables the antenna to be bendable.

1* CA200 Antenna

1* CA200 Suction Pad

1* 8-meter SYV-50-5 Cable

Technical Specs

Frequency: 76-108 MHz adjustable

RF power: 150watt

Frequency Range: 76~108 MHz

Band Width: 6 MHz

VSWR: <1.5

Impedance: 50Ω

Gain: 3 dBi

Polarization: Vertical

Radiation: Full directions Omni

Lighting Protection: Direct Ground

Maximum Power Input-watts: 150 W

Mechanical Specification

Height: 724±5 mm (adjustable by frequency)

Antenna Connector: BNC-female

Radiating Element Material: Stainless Steel

Weight: 400g

Image Performance

Video frequency input level: 1VP-P positive polarity

Video frequency input impedance: 75Ω

DG: ±5%

DP: ±5°

Luminance nonlinear: ≤10%

Group delay: ≤±60ns

The signal-to-clutter ration of low-frequency period interference:  ≥50dB

Sound Performance

Audio input level: 0dBm±6dB

Audio input impedance: 10KΩ (imbalance)/600Ω (Balance)

Maximum frequency deviation: ±50KHz

Harmonic distortion: ≤1%

The amplitude-frequency characteristics: ±1dB

Signal-to-clutter: ≥60dB

Instruction of Adjusting the Frequency

Please note that the frequency of antenna and transmitter should match each other, so the transmitter can work well. See below the frequency adjusting. There are 4 steps:

1. Find out the Allen wrench in the package of the antenna.

2. Insert the Allen wrench into the Hexagon nut of the base, and screw out the nut.

3. Loosen the nut, pull out the rod, adjust to the length you need, and tighten the nut.

4. Be attention, the length of the antenna is counted from the nut to the blacktop. The table shows how to adjust the frequency according to the length of the antenna.





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