FMUSER AW07A SWR RF Impedance Antenna Analyzer


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AW07A antenna analyzer is a small battery-powered RF impedance analyzer. It can test the SWR status of your antenna, measure impedance and reactance components, and help you solve antenna problems. The unit consists of six basic parts: variable oscillator, frequency counter, independent oscillator, 50-ohm radio frequency bridge detector, a-D converter, and microcontroller. This compact product is manufactured to meet the needs of solid structures and field testing and analysis of 50-ohm antenna systems. The operating frequency of the device ranges from high frequency to 490MHz. It measures RF impedance from a few ohms to hundreds of ohms. AW07A is also an L/C meter, which measures the value of capacitors and inductors. In addition, it can be a non-precision signal source and frequency counter. The built-in RF strength meter can test the RF field strength near the antenna system. It is very useful when you need to know the RF interference status around the radio.


Signal source with capacitance meter and inductance meter.

Reactance value and impedance value display.

SWR value from 1.1 to 9.99 with RF strength meter and frequency counter.

1* AW07A SWR HF VHF UHF Antenna Analyzer

1*DC cable

2* Adapter connectors

Technical Specs

Band Coverage: 160m, 80m, 40m, 20/30m, 10/15m, 6m, 2m, 1.25m, 70cm

Additional Feature: Frequency Counter

RF Output Level : 2Vppaw07atest

SWR Range: 1~9.9

Impedance Range: 10~500ohm

Battery: 4 * AA Alkaline Battery, Lithium Chargeable

External Power: DC 10.8~12V

Power Consumption: < 150mA (HF Bands, B/L Off) < 165mA (VU Bands, B/L Off)

Net Weight: 0.6kg

Gross Weight (including package): 0.75kg


After loose the screws on the cover back, the battery box is accessed by removing the AW07A's cover. Please place 8 *1.5V (not 1.2V) AA-size batteries into the battery box. DO NOT use external power supply when replacing batteries.





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