FMUSER Behringer Xenyx Q502USB Analog Mixer


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Behringer Xenyx Q502USB is a 5-input (1 mic/line, 2 stereo line), 2-bus analog mixer with a Xenyx mic preamp and compressor, a British-style 2-band EQ, and a USB audio interface. 2-track and USB inputs are assignable to the main mix or the phone's output. On the output side, the Behringer Xenyx Q502USB gives you mains, plus headphones and 2-track outs, while the USB port lets you plug right into your computer for recording.


Ultra-compact, low-noise, high-headroom analog mixer.

One Xenyx mic preamp comparable to stand-alone preamps.

Compressor features super-easy "one-knob" functionality and control.

Built-in stereo USB audio interface to connect directly to your computer.

Neo-classic "British" 2-band EQ for warm and musical sound.

Main mix outputs, plus phones and 2-track outputs.

2-track and USB inputs assignable to main mix or phones output.

High-quality components and rugged construction ensure long life.

3-Year Warranty Program.

Simple sound calls for the simply superb XENYX 502, the BEHRINGER mixer with everything you need to give an intimate setting incredible sound. The ultra-compact XENYX 502 mixer’s 5 Inputs (1 mic, 2 stereos) allow you to effortlessly achieve premium-quality sound, thanks to the studio-grade, phantom-powered XENYX Mic Preamp and ultra-musical “British” channel EQ.

Sonically Superior Mic Preamps. All XENYX mixers have one thing in common – great-sounding, high headroom XENYX mic preamps. XENYX preamps offer a staggering 130 dB of dynamic range, with a bandwidth that extends from below 10 Hz to well above 200 kHz. Armed with these outstanding mic preamps, XENYX mixers provide such transparent, crystal-clear performance you just might think someone upgraded your mics while you weren’t looking.

Sublimely Musical British EQ。The channel EQ on our XENYX mixers is based on that very same circuitry, allowing you to imbue signals with incredible warmth and detailed musical character. Even when applied generously, these equalizers exhibit sweet forgiveness and superb audio quality.

The 5-input, 2-bus XENYX 502 with XENYX mic preamp can accommodate either a dynamic or condenser microphone. The 2-band British EQ is famous for its warm, musical sound. Play music between sets via the RCA CD/Tape Inputs (main mix or control room/phones assignable) and record your performance to an outboard recording device via the RCA outputs.

Small is Beautiful。Weighing in at a mere 1.2 pounds (0.55 kg), the XENYX 502 is the portable, practical way to turn a speech or scaled-down performance into a sound to behold. Schools, meeting rooms, restaurants, and songsmiths the world over agree this mighty mixer is a high-fidelity lifesaver.

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Technical Specs

Type: Analog

Channels: 3

Faders:1 x 60mm Master Fader

Inputs - Mic Preamps:1 x XLR

Phantom Power:1

Inputs - Line:5 x TRS

Inputs - Other:2 x RCA

Outputs - Main:2 x TS

Outputs - Other:2 x RCA

EQ Bands: 2-band

Aux Sends:1 x Post

Send/Return I/O:1 x TRS (Send), 1 x TRS (Return)

Headphones:1 x 1/4"




Weight: 1.2 lbs





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