FMUSER FSN-350T FM Transmitter With FU-DV2 Dipole Antenna, 30 Meter 1/2" Coax-Cable


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FMUSER hereby introduces the latest FSN-350T 350W touch screen FM transmitter package for radio stations to all FM fans. Compared with other 350W transmitter products in the FM broadcasting market, FMUSER's 350W FM transmitter package pays more attention to user experience: The 87.5-108MHz broadband vertical polarized FU-DV2 antenna has an Omni-directional pattern. The new product appearance design and simple one-touch touch screen operating system make the product design more humanized; the advanced built-in RF transistor can effectively reduce the power loss value to the minimum while ensuring the stability and efficiency of FSN-350T, which is very rare in the high-power FM Transmitter Market. In addition, the characteristics of wide RF signal transmission range, high fidelity, and output close to CD treble quality are also the reasons why FSN-350T is gradually gaining a foothold in the high-quality high-power FM broadcasting transmitting equipment market. The ultra-high cost performance and wide coverage make FSN-350T widely used in various professional/amateur medium and small FM broadcasting application scenarios, such as professional Radio broadcasting, drive-in theater broadcasting, drive-in church broadcasting, drive-through nucleic acid detection broadcasting, campus broadcasting, community broadcasting, industrial and mining broadcasting, tourist attraction broadcasting, especially in the application solution of high-power frequency modulation under the influence of the epidemic in 2020, which is favored by professional/amateur broadcasting equipment fans.

How to Use FMUSER FSN-350T Touch Screen FM Transmitter?


Built-in the latest overheating and SWR protection mechanism. Once the SWR value or internal operating temperature is higher than the normal range, the transmitter will alarm and automatically switch to protection mode.

The extremely efficient transmitter and antenna matching system can effectively guarantee the integrity of RF signal transmission with the lowest SWR.

The controllable RF output option allows the mixer to modulate the best audio output to your needs when connected through the XLR balanced audio input interface.

With an ultra-sensitive one-touch screen, all information can be displayed precisely on the screen, you can control and configure all the RF parameters on your need.

The transmitter provides a flexible pre-emphasis option 0US/50US/75U and a humanized multi-mode tunable RF signal output system.

The vertical polarized 87.5-108MHz broadband FU-DV2 antenna with Omni-directional pattern.

1 * 350W Touch Screen FM Transmitter

1 * FU-DV2 Antenna

1 * 30m 1/2" Cable


RF Part

Frequency: 87.5-108MHz,

Frequency step value: 10KHz

Modulation: FM, peak deviation ± 75KHz

Frequency stability: <± 100Hz

Frequency stabilization method: PLL frequency synthesizer

RF output power: 0~350 watts ± 0.5dB

Residual wave: <- 70dB

Higher harmonics: <- 65dB

Parasitic AM: <- 50dB

RF output impedance: 50Ω

RF output connector: N female

Audio Part

Audio input connector: XLR female

AUX input connector: BNC female

Pre-emphasis: 0us, 50us, 75us (user setting)

S / N ratio mono:> 70 dB (20 to 20KHz)

S / N ratio stereo:> 65 dB (20 to 15KHz)

Stereo resolution: -50dB

Audio frequency response: 30 ~ 15000Hz

Audio distortion: <0.3%

Audio level gain: -12dB ~ 12dB step 3dB

Audio input: -19dB ~ 5dB

General Features

Power supply voltage range: 110V ~ 260V

Operating temperature range: -10 to 45 ℃

Work mode: continuous work

Cooling method: air cooling

Cooling efficiency: <95%

Work Altitude: <4500M

Power consumption: 1500VA

Dimensions: 483 x 320 x 88 mm without handles and protrusions, 19 "2U standard rack.

Weight: 12Kg

Default Password: 000008


Frequency Range:87.5-108mhz

Impedance: 50Ohm

Connector: N female

VSWR: <=1.3:1 MAX

Polarization: Vertical

Gain: according to requirement

Horizontal Pattern: Any type according to the customer requirement

Vertical Pattern: Null fill, beam tilt and special requirements on demand

Other Facilities: The antenna system can be supplied in split feed with two equal half antennas, each half can accept full power

Mechanical Data

Dimensions: 1400*900*50mm

Weight: 5kg with hard ware mounting

Wind surface: 0.05m2

Wind load: 9.8kg (wind speed at 160km/h-without redone)

Max wind velocity: 220km/h

Materials: External parts: Aluminum anti corrosive

Internal parts: brass

Height of array: Subject to number of bays(refer to table)

Package Volume weight: 11kg

Packing Size: 86*88*7cm

Pressurizable: Yes (on demand)

Redone color: white (optional)

Mounting hardware: hot dip galvanized steel clamps

Shipping: as required


Connect antenna first before connecting transmitter to DC supply, otherwise, the transmitter will be burned out.





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