FMUSER FU-25A 25W FM Radio Broadcast Transmitter


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Why Choosing FU-25A for Your Radio Station?

FMUSER FU-25A (Also known as CZH-T251) 25W FM broadcast transmitter is a new low-power transmitter designed for FM radio stations. With power-adjustable options from 0~25watt, the frequency range is 87~108MHz. The operation would be very simple with its professional performance which is stable, reliable and the sound quality is outstanding among all CZH transmitters. The sound channel is MONO/STEREO adjustable, all functions are realized with one button. It has SWR and temperature protection functions, which will switch on automatic protection mode when there is improper operation.


  • Excellent manufacturing techniques, metal screening for surface, stable fixing chassis.
  • RS232 communication port.
  • 6.5mm microphone jack.
  • Fine plating power supply jack.
  • Security ensured power switch.
  • Mono / Stereo optional.
  • RF output power is continuously adjustable from 0~25watt.
  • One-button setting to realize all functions.
  • SWR protection. When the antenna and transmitter aren’t well connected, the transmitter will switch on automatic protection mode to avoid damage.
  • Temperature protection: When the temperature of the transmitter gets too high, the transmitter will switch on automatic protection mode to avoid damage.
  • Added RS232 communication port, upgrade free in the future.

Power Hardware Device for the Radio Stations

1*FU-25A 25W FM transmitter

Technical Specs

  • Working voltage:12V
  • Working current: <5A
  • Frequency range: 87~108 MHz
  • Frequency stability: +/-10PPM
  • Frequency stepping: 100 kHz
  • Working Environment Temperature: -10~45 Celsius degrees
  • Output impedance: 50ohm
  • RF output power range: 0~25watt
  • Harmonic clutter radiation: <=-60dB
  • Audio distortion: 0.2%
  • Frequency response:50Hz~15000Hz
  • Separation: >=35 dB
  • Input level: <=15 dBV
  • Modulation deviation: +/-75KHZ
  • SNR: >=70dB
  • Size: 210mm(L)*174mm(W)*59mm(H)
  • Net weight: about 1.5KG
  • RF output connector: NK Female


Always remember to connect the antenna first, then to connect the power supply. Otherwise, the device might be burned.





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