Package 500 Watt FM Radio Transmitter FU618F with 1-Bay 2KW FM Dipole Antenna and Accessories


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  • Simple design, integrated structure, high reliability, easy operation
  • The entire process of digital processing (DSP + DDS), to achieve near-CD quality sound effects perfect
  • Aanalog and digital audio (AES / EBU) which can input, digital audio priority
  • To provide the most complete remote telemetry interface and interface protocol
  • Improved over current, over voltage, over temperature, over power, VSWR alarm and protection function is too large
  • Large LCD display real-time operating parameters
  • High-quality stainless steel, 3U, 19-inch standard chassis
Terms Specs
RF frequency range 87MHz ~ 108MHz stepping 10kHz (other frequencies can be customized)
output power 0 ~ 500W continuously adjustable
Output power tolerance <±10%
Output power stability <±3%
Output impedance 50Ω
RF output connector L29
band residual wave <-70dB
high-order harmonic <-60dB
Parasitic AM <-50dB
carrier frequency tolerance ±200Hz 
analog audio input -12dBm ~ +8 dBm
Audio Level Gain -15dB ~ +15 dB 0.1dB steps
analog audio input impedance 600Ω balanced XLR
AES / EBU balanced XLR input impedance 110Ω
AES / EBU Input Level 0.2 ~ 10Vpp
AES / EBU sample rate 30kHz ~ 96kHz
SCA unbalanced input (option) BNC-type connectors
audio pre-emphasis 0μs, 50μs, 75μs
Frequency response ±0.1dB 30Hz ~ 15000Hz
Left and right channel level difference <0.1dB (100% modulation)
stereo separation ≥ 50dB 30Hz ~ 15000Hz
stereo signal to noise ratio ≥ 70dB 1KHz, 100% modulation
THD <0.1% 30Hz ~ 15000Hz
cooling methods Forced convection 
temperature range 5°c~ +40°c
Relative humidity <95%
Altitude <4500m
Power 800VA
Dimensions 484mm × 545mm × 88mm
Weight 20KG

  • 1 * 500 watt FM radio transmitter FU618F
  • 1 * 1-bay aluminum dipole FM antenna FU-DV1
  • 1 * 30m L29-J coaxial cable





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