FMUSER 4U Compact 3000 Watt FM transmitter FSN-3500T for FM Radio Station


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RF Part
Output Power 3.5KW
Frequency 87.5-108MHz
Frequency step 10KHz
Modulation FM
Peak deviation ±75KHz
Frequency stability <±100Hz
Frequency stabilization method PLL phase-locked loop frequency synthesis
RF output power 0~3.5KW±0.5dB
In-band residual wave <-70dB
Higher harmonic <-65dB
Parasitic amplitude modulation <-79dB
RF output impedance 50Ω
RF output connector EIA 7/8 (IF45)
RF efficiency > 75%


Audio Part
Analog audio input -12dBm~+8dBm
Audio level gain -15dB~15dB step 0.5dB
Analog audio input impedance 600Ωbalanced XLR
AES/EBU input impedance 110Ωbalanced XLR
AES/EBU input level 0.2~10Vpp
AES/EBU sampling rate 30KHz~192KHz 24BIT
RDS/SCA input unbalanced BNC
RDS/SCA input level gain -15dB~15dB step 0.5dB
Pre-emphasis 0μs, 50μs, 75μs
Frequency response ±0.1dB 30~15000Hz
Stereo separation > 60dB
S/N ratio stereo > 70dB 30~15000Hz
S/N ratio mono > 75dB 30~15000Hz
Audio distortion <0.05%


General Part
Power supply voltage range single-phase AC 220V / 3-phase 4-wire AC 380V
Power consumption <8500VA
Working environment temperature range -20~35℃
Weight 48KG
Cooling method Forced air cooling
Working environment altitude <4500M
Dimensions 483 x 720 x 176mm (excluding handles and protrusions)


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