FU-50B 50 Watt FM Transmitter for Drive-in Church, Movies and Parking Lot


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A 50 Watt FM Transmitter with Strong Performance


FU-50B (CZE-T501, CZH-T501) 50 watt FM transmitter is one of the best low power FM transmitters favored by professionals and amateurs from all over the world.


It was featured by:


  • 1U rack design, easy-installing, easy-uninstalling, easy-operating
  • 50 watts maximum output power, tuneable as frequency (87 Mhz - 108 MHz)
  • Phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesizer ensures ultra-high frequency stability.
  • Standing wave protection and over-heated protection enable a long service life.
  • Power lock design
  • HD screen shows the timely output power and various working status.
  • Long-range FM broadcasting design
  • Stereo sound quality, 100% high fidelity, strong anti-radio interference
  • RDS port, electronic volume adjusting, and low pass filters




  • Make sure the antenna or the Load can be ground connected to the transmitter
  • The power supply voltage must be within the allowed range.
  • Make sure the fan ventilation is good.


FMUSER FU-50B: A Practical 50 Watt FM Broadcast Transmitter


To meet the needs of small-range FM stereo broadcasting, the FU-50B 50 watt FM broadcast transmitter is designed to cover about 20 miles of ERP 50 watts coverage 


Thanks to our factory, FU-50B 50w FM transmitter is now all ready to serve the world with multiple packages with strong broadcasting performance as always.


As one of the best 50w FM transmitters, FU-50B can be easily deployed in the following FM radio stations:


  • Drive-In Theater
  • Drive-In Church
  • Drive-Through Test
  • Campus Radio Station
  • Community FM Radio Broadcast
  • Broadcast System (e.g. Mining and Manufacturing) 
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Motel Broadcasting
  • Public Squares Broadcasting
  • etc. (please name your needs)


The following are some of the best FU-50B 50w FM transmitter alternatives, you may order them separately or wholesale them in bulk (and get a discount!), if you need antenna or accessories, or turnkey solutions for your radio station, please contact our sales team for more details! 


fmuser-fu05b-0.5w-fm-transmitter-for-drive-in-broadcasting-250px.jpg fmuser-fu7c-7w-fm-transmitter-for-drive-in-broadcasting-250px.jpg fmuser-fu15a-15w-fm-transmitter-for-drive-in-broadcasting-250px.jpg
0.5W FM Transmitter 7W FM Transmitter 15W FM Transmitter
fmuser-fu25a-25w-fm-transmitter-for-drive-in-broadcasting-250px.jpg fmt-version-5-low-power-50w-fm-transmitter-250px.jpg fmt-version-5-low-power-150w-fm-transmitter-250px.jpg
25W FM Transmitter FMT5.0 50W FM Transmitter FMT5.0 150W FM Transmitter


Best 50W FM Transmitter Supplier


FMUSER is the famous supplier of complete drive-in FM transmitter packages and drive-in turnkey solutions. 




With over ten years of manufacturing experience in drive-in FM broadcast equipment, FMUSER is now able to supply drive-in FM transmitters from 0.5 watts to 150 watts, and FM antenna systems from high power transmitter antennas to antenna accessories, best prices, premium quality, and worldwide supply! 


Contact us now and ask for a quotation, we are always here ready for your needs!


Customize Your Drive-in Solutions Now


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Terms Specs
RF Part
Operating frequency 87 ~ 108MHz
Output power 50W MAX continuously adjustable
Output Impedance 50 ohm
Spurious and harmonic radiation -60db
RF Output Connector N Female (L16)
Audio Part
Frequency response 50 ~ 15KHz (3db)
Distortion 0.20%
Left and right channel separation 45db
LINE IN connector RCA two-channel Cinch
The microphone interface 6.5mm
Microphone Type Dynamic microphone (electret microphone is not applicable)
Audio Input Connectors RCA Female
AUX Input Connector BNC female
Power Supply Part
Rated working voltage 200 ~ 240V AC / 50/60Hz (you can switch into 100 ~ 120V AC inside the chassis)
Maximum power consumption 100W
Internal working voltage DC28V, DC12V, DC5V





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