FMUSER FU-30/50B 50W FM Radio Broadcast Transmitter


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Why Choose FU-30B for Your Radio Station?

The FMUSER FU-30B/FU-50B (also known as CZE-T501, CZH-T501) is an FM broadcast transmitter and FM exciter for Small FM radio stations. FU-30B/FU-50B FM transmitter has the characteristics of wide RF signal transmission range, high fidelity, high output sound quality, anti-interference, and easy operation. FU-30B/FU-50B is one of the best 0-50W low-power FM radio transmitters. The FU-30B/FU-50B low-power FM radio transmitter is widely used in various small radio stations, such as drive-in theater broadcasting, drive-in church broadcasting, drive-through test broadcasting, campus broadcasting, community broadcasting, industrial and mining broadcasting, tourist attractions broadcasting, FU-05B is also one of the low-power FM transmitters favored by professional/amateur FM radio equipment enthusiasts.

Benefits You Can Not Resist

  • 1-Unit standard chassis, small in size
  • The tuning power can be tuned up to 50 W
  • Using digital phase-locked loop frequency synthesizer (PLL) technology, ultra-high frequency stability.
  • Have the standing wave protection and overtemperature protection.
  • Output power can be tuned from 0.5W ~ 50W
  • The power lock ensures the safety of the machine
  • HD screen shows the timely output power and various working status.

Budget Choice for the FM Radio Stations

1 *FU-30B/50B 50W FM broadcast transmitter

What You Need to Know 

  1. Make sure the antenna or the Load can be ground connected to the transmitter
  2. The power supply voltage must be within the allowed range.
  3. Make sure the fan ventilation is good.

Technical Specification

RF Part:

  • Operating frequency: 87 ~ 108MHz
  • Output power: 50W MAX continuously adjustable
  • Output Impedance: 50 ohm
  • Spurious and harmonic radiation:-60db
  • RF Output Connector: N Female (L16)

Audio Part:

  • Frequency response: 50 ~ 15KHz (3db)
  • Distortion: 0.2%
  • Left and right channel separation: 45db
  • LINE IN connector: RCA two-channel Cinch
  • The microphone interface: 6.5mm
  • Microphone Type: Dynamic microphone (electret microphone is not applicable)
  • Audio Input Connectors: RCA Female
  • AUX Input Connector: BNC female

Power Supply Part

  • Rated working voltage: 200 ~ 240V AC / 50/60Hz (you can switch into 100 ~ 120V AC inside the chassis)
  • Maximum power consumption: 100W
  • Internal working voltage: DC28V, DC12V, DC5V





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